The No becomes the Yes – 2018.05.31

Woe to the man through whom the Son of Man (Jesus) is betrayed.  It would have been better for him if he had never been born.
Mark 14:21

Judas betrayed Jesus. Jesus wanted to be friends with him, but Judas handed Him over to the cross for a few coins. Jesus had fought for him, but Judas decided otherwise.
What’s the worst that can happen to us? – to be thrown into hell. It’s worse than death.
For whom would it be better never to be born?  For the one who goes to hell. There’s nothing left of God there. No music, no colours, no sun, no joy, no peace, no flowers, there is nothing left to rejoice in, only misery, loneliness, despair, pain and death wish; forgotten, completely forgotten by God.
It’s worse than death, worse than the worst life. But Jesus wants to save us from this fate, that is why He came into our world.
Never born….. I’m thinking about abortions. Jesus forgives mothers for abortions and fathers for not stopping them. He accepts the children, both the dead and those who survived. He wants to be their father, a good father, one who loves and affirms them. Many mothers had thoughts about abortion and the children still feel rejected. Let Jesus accept you! He’s making up for the damage.
The children who have been aborted are waiting in heaven for their parents to tell them: I have forgiven you and I look forward to see my mother and my father!
If Jesus thinks you should live, live! Let Him the LORD affirm you! He loves you hot and dear. He’s the real father. He always means well to you. His love should penetrate you and you should reach others with this infinite love. He’s the father who says yes to you. He knows all the problems and difficulties, but He also knows the solutions.  Trust Him, bind yourself to Him, expect love, acceptance, comfort and everything from Him! He’s wonderful.

Thank You, Jesus! You kept me, and others too. You forgive guilt, even if it’s blood-red. You make every person that comes to you new. How good and wonderful You are to us!!! Yeah, You’re making up for all the damage.

Peace in the Storm – 2018.05.30

Do not let your hearts be troubled.
You believe in God, believe also in Me!
John 14:1

We live in restless times. So it is likely that our hearts get troubled. So many divorces also among Christians; so many children without parents, so many suicides! So many lies in the news, in politics but also within the church. So much injustice, hunger and suffering.
Do we have an answer to all that? Without Jesus definetely not! Without Him we are helpless, do not know why that all around us is so miserable. We even do not know ourselves! Without Him we are not sure what we are capable of in everything, good and bad.
Therefore Jesus wants to dwell in our hearts to put it on the rock. He wants to let flow in our restlessness His peace that we need so much.
What does He expect from us? Our trust in Him, in His mercy so that we are prepared to receive everything necessary from His kind hand.
He wants our passion, our ardent believe in Him, our Provider and Master whom we trust alone.
There is nothing more difficult for us as to throw away all our own reasoning and feelings and to only look at Jesus, to trust Him especially in most chaotic situations. Like children we should do that totally relying that He is carrying us through. I close my eye and hold tight to Him as He is strong and my Savior to the end.
We do not receive answers to all our questions. But our hearts will find totally rest in Him. He fights for us, provides us with the necessary when we entrust ourselves to Him completely in everything. He is still there when all have left us. He is faithful even when I fail. He is my Lord, He forgives and loves me! Therefore I trust Him, find peace in Him in midst of the deepest storm.
Believe and totally trust in God, your Father in Heaven and in Jesus, your Savior!  Give all your needs, burdens and worries to Him. He will do everything gloriously to your best.

Yes, Jesus, I can trust You! My restless heart finds peace in You. Not always I understand everything that wants to trouble me. But then I come to You who knows everything, the right way! Thank You!

All alone – 2018.05.29

… You will leave me all alone.  Yet I am not alone, for my Father is with me.
John 16:32

Jesus knows what solitude, loneliness and abandonment is. When he was in the desert for forty days, He was alone. He often withdrew from others to pray. When John the Baptist was murdered, He sought solitude in His sorrow.
But Jesus never suffered from solitude, loneliness or abandonment. He always had His Father with Him. They were in constant silent conversation and had hearty  fellowship with each other.
Here is also the key for us: through a very close connection with Jesus and the Father, the feeling of abandonment and loneliness is suppressed and gives way to a great inner joy and peace.
Self-pity and self-condemnation not only disturbs the communion with Jesus, it makes it impossible, because we do not believe Him. That is why we must take action against all our whining and complaining, so that we can be rescued from self-pity and become responsible for ourselves. We must fight against all self-condemnation, break the curse of this self-condemnation and put ourselves wholly under Jesus’ word: I am forgiven! I am His! Nobody will damn me! Only I alone and the enemy still accuse me.  When we have uncovered the lies of the enemy and the lies of our old self, we can better defend ourselves against them.
In the name of Jesus I break the curse of self-pity, this circling around my own misery! I ask Your forgiveness, O LORD, for thinking only of myself and not believing that You care for me! Out with that evil spirit!
In the name of Jesus I break the curse of self damnation and every curse I have spoken unto myself. Please forgive me, Jesus, for not believing that You have forgiven all my sins! Out with this spirit of damnation and accusation!
If we are one with Him, there is no more abandonment. For He never leaves or forgets any of His children. He is a wonderful, good Father, who means well to us!

Thank you, Jesus! You are so good to me! I can always come to You and You always have time for me. Yes, it is good to spend time with You. How You love me!!

Hebrews 13:5: For God has promised: Never will I leave you; never will I forsake you.  So we say with confidence:  The Lord is my helper; I will not be afraid.

Perfection – 2018.05.28

You therfore must be perfect, as your heavenly Father is perfect.
Matthew 1, 48

A good and well-known evangelist had been invited to a city. But on the first evening, before the event, he was politely escorted to the station and said goodbye. What had happened? Someone had seen him in the street, where the easy girls were in business. It was immediately clear: He went to the girls. And that was really the case. But there he distributed invitations to the evangelization. I don’t want to know what the person who saw him was doing there….
So it is with our logic and hasty conclusions; so it is when we do not ask whether it really is as we understand it. We judge, and God must correct it again! (straighten).
The careless tongue of Christians does more harm to the kingdom of God than any cannon in the world. What thoughts are being expressed! What do you impute everything to the others! Everyone is an expert when it comes to finding out why a person is the way he is.
God is perfect, and so should we. Anyway, Jesus says it in the Sermon on the Mount.
Especially in the sexual field we fail very often and sometimes very much. Not only King David fell on his nose, but also many men and women of God. Sexuality is a very, very strong power.
How do we deal with this? He who has never missed himself, not in thoughts, words or deeds, beware, for he can still fall. He who has already sinned knows the power of sin. So who is entitled to judge the sins of others or to talk about them? None but Jesus.
HE talks to His children, the sinners, and corrects them in love. HE looks for them, follows them until they are back in the flock of God. Just like David. When he finally repented, God said: “This is a man of God! I don’t think there is a greater compliment from God.
We want to judge a man or a woman by what they are now: Men and women of God; – or not. What happened is over. We don’t want to listen to the accuser’s voice either. We want to see how God judges it and joins in.
We all sin and fall sometimes. Do we want to expel everyone from the community? Then we will soon be alone….. Even Jesus is no longer there because he does not want anything to do with the Pharisees.

O Lord, give me mercy to my brothers and sisters! I don’t want to be judged hard and I don’t want to do it with my siblings either! Thank you for your forgiveness, which is reality. You forgive me and my siblings. How good! What freedom!! And I believe in you alone, not in any human being.

Abandonnement of God – 2018.05.27

Therefore, brothers and sisters, we have the confidence
to enter the Most Holy Place by the blood of Jesus.
Hebrews 10:11

Some verses later it reads in Hebrews  10:26: If we deliberately keep on sinning after we have received the knowledge of the truth, no sacrifice for sins is left, but only a fearful expectation of judgement and of raging fire that will consume the enemies of God.
This true warning words may scare many people. Did I hurt the Holy Spirit, even on purpose? Am I lost forever?
That is nothing else than self-condemnation! In reality you fight with yourself. The Holy Spirit is still alive in you. You are definetely not forlorn.
However, there are people who seem to be touched by the Holy Spirit, they seem to have experienced healing, are in the frontline with praising and yet: their heart is locked. God may have blessed them with many gifts but they have not invited God to be their King and Lord. They still refuse to belong to Him, want to remain their own master and decide for themselves. They are not prepared to sacrifice their ego. They wish to receive the blessing but not be dependant on Jesus. They want His hand not His face!
Inspite of the many gifts received they are restistant to God`s requirements. They go a little bit with God and then walk again their own way. They are limping on 2 legs!
Are you such a person? I do not think so, as you then would not read this devotion, you would not pray. you would not love God, ask for His will, would not have such a longing for Him, would not circle only around yourself.
No, you are not such a person! God`s Spirit cares for you, strengthens your faith, your love. Yes, speak it out loudly: Lord, I love You, Father in Heaven I want You!

Lord, I am not perfect at all. But You love me and by Your grace I love You too. Thank You for being at my side!

Image of God – 2018.05.26

„So God created man in his own image, in the image of God He created him; male and female He created them.”
1. Mose 1,27

Is both man and woman the image of God? No, together as man and women they are the image of God. Both together reflect the essence of God, the woman more the one side and the man more another side. Together they are an image of God. But you can’t say God is male or female.
I find many verses in the Bible that describe God as the Father; and I find many verses that describe God with maternal qualities. These insights are revolutionary for many cultures, probably also for Western European ones, where everything is to be equalized or only the female validity finds or everything is very mixed. The woman is the image of God! For many cultures a real revolution, upgrading and challenge! The man is also no longer allowed to hide in his master role. He must share and appreciate the woman as a partial image of God; not only is he the image of God, but the woman reflects a different view of God. They complement each other!  In recent years many books have been written about God the Father. That was good. Now there are actually no books emphasizing the mother qualities, the motherly love of God and His motherly concern. (The novel “The Shack” is very groundbreaking and has captured many of these thoughts in pictures.)
I don’t want to cause a storm of anger with these thoughts. But many people lack the mother. God can understand them well and satisfy their needs. He can comfort, lovingly stroke over His head, fight for His children, spoil them and simply stand by them.
One finds in every human being the image of God. One reflects more the one aspect of God, the other another aspect. God has many, many different facets like a diamond.
Every human being is different and yet always an image of God. Man himself and the enemy distort this image. But with Jesus we find our way back to the origin and our consumed image slowly becomes healthy and straight again.

Thank you Jesus, You heal my nature, my character and my heart! So I can slowly reflect more and more of God’s being. There’s still a lot missing, but I realize you’re working on me and healing me. How good that is!!

Simply being there – 2018.05.25

Look at the birds of the air! …
See how the flowers of the field grow!

Matthew 6:26.28

How much value does a sparrow or a flower at the roadside have? Almost nothing. Our value is so much greater!
But we also strive for very, very great tasks and services, we would prefer to be like Billy Graham, Martin Luther or St Francis! And God says, “No”.
He says: “Look at the birds, they don’t work, they don’t plan, but the Father takes care of them. Do you know why they’re here? So we can enjoy them and hear their cheerful chirping. It shall infect us to sing a song of praise to the LORD as well.
The secret of spiritual greatness is to be simple, just be there and let God act.
Joseph was a normal teenager and was cruelly torn off course. But in normal life he was faithful to God and made it to vice-pharaoh in Egypt. And in this worldly position he could do much, much good and keep many people alive in the famine.
Esther was a normal woman who loved God. God made her a Persian queen, and she saved her people from destruction.
God wants you to be just as natural. As a carpenter, electrician or saleswoman you can serve Him just like a pastor or evangelist can. HE is with you just as He is with everyone else; – God does not prefer the spiritual vocations, to Him they are not worth more than others.
Just be who you are and God will make you a great blessing if you allow Him. Give Him your life as it is and He will use you wonderfully.
Be who you are. Don’t try to copy anyone. You are God’s creation as you are.  You are not in any way deformed.
Just be, live with God. If you are available to Him in your place, HE will use you!
Think of the sparrows and the lilies, how wonderful they are, how simple, they are just there. We rejoice in them, and that’s enough.

Thank you, Jesus! You’re with me and I’m in You. Thank You for blessing me where I am and making me a blessing! You love me!!

Our own selection – 2018.05.24

Go through the narrow gate!
Matthew 7:13

Jesus says at the end of the Sermon on the Mount: Go through the narrow gate! For the gate is wide, which leads to destruction, and the way there is wide, and many go on it. But the gate leading to life is narrow, and the way is narrow, and few find it.
Many people seek happiness or God, they seek heaven in heaven or on earth, they seek peace, healing, joy, luxury and wealth…. they seek and seek. Some have found something, but they keep looking and want more and more. They are on a wide path with the masses of people. Everything is somehow the same, with some small differences everyone wants the same thing. And Jesus says: “They are all wrong.
They run to ruin for a little thing they worship or chase. He alone is the gate to heaven. It is as if people are standing in front of the gate and do not want to go through it. They see, smell, hear and taste the riches of heaven, but they do not want to go through Jesus.
It seems to cost them too much.
You are looking for detours or shortcuts to the heaven. Some think there is dense forest to the right of the gate, we can sneak past, and others think there are mountains to the left, we can hide there and go to heaven unseen.
Some Christians want the riches of heaven and do not receive them. Because they don’t want Jesus to be Jesus. They have loads on their backs that prevent them from walking through the narrow gate. They have their own ideas about what Jesus should be and do not know what He is like. Only he who has Him in his heart, renounces everything (also his opinion) and wants to follow Him, the treasures are available to him.
God is generous and rich, and his children often poor and suffer much lack. Is it because we have our own ideas and do not want to go Jesus’ way? It costs us our lives to go with Him, but HE gives us His life for it, and that is much, much better!How many seek healing from any preacher, not Him! Like many people, certain prayers try to change God’s mind, but they don’t try it about Jesus. How many have rituals and traditions, entrenched patterns of thinking about Jesus and do not know the living Lord.
Seek Jesus, for in Him alone we find all the treasures of heaven! But when you have found Him, all the treasures of heaven and earth mean nothing to you. He is much, much more!

Thank You, Jesus! I have found You and I live with You. It’s worth more to me than health, wealth, luxury, convenience and all the money in the world! You are so good to me, supply me with everything and surround me with love.

The Lord who watches over me! – 2018.05.23

I lift up my eyes to the mountains,
where does my help come from?
My help comes from the Lord, the Maker of heaven and earth.
He will not let your foot slip.
He who watches over you will not slumber;
indeed, He who watches over Israel will neither slumber nor sleep.
The Lord watches over you.
The Lord is your shade at your right hand.
The sun will not harm you by day, nor the moon by night.
The Lord will keep you from all harm.
He will watch over your life.
The Lord will watch you over your coming and going,
both now and forevermore.
Psalm 121

Thanks to the grace of God I have decided to lift up the Highest, the Maker of the universe, to accept Him as my protector. I am safe in His shadow, secure in His hand. Even when misfortune, sickness,or any accident oppresses me, I find shelter in a strong castle. He is my helper!  When mountains of worries are pressing me down, I find rest in Him. He is wonderful, strong, powerful, He is loving, friendly, full of grace, patience, and mercy.
Yes, such a protection, such a guardian I need. There is a mass of problems hassling me, many decisions have to be made, a lot of work is awaiting me… yes, I need Him, His words!
I want to encourage to read the bible. I myself did it each morning at breakfast time for several years. I read one or 2 psalms when they were short. They are prayers that God loves. They changes us and gives us hope. I love them!
Yesterday evening I sat on the bench in my garden. When mosquitoes wanted to attack me I immediately placed myself under the protection of Jesus and in fact they did not bother me. Yes, our Lord takes care also of little things. Should you then not rely on Him in great things?
Test Him, read the psalms! You will be surprised by the fruits of reading them. His word is food that last for a long time. The Holy Spirit will remind you of the right words you once have read, which can help you out of difficult situations.  You may trust Him and keep quiet. There is power in this calmness! Yes, He makes you peaceful, strong and serene. He is with you all the day through. Where is a better Guardian in this world than Him?

Thank You, Jesus, You love me! You surround me from all sides with Your grace, protection and strength! You are so good to me!

I’m here!! – 2018.05.22

Here is your God!
See, the Sovereign Lord comes with power,
and he rules with a mighty arm.
Isaiah 40, 9f.

He’s here!! What is it about you that you fear mortal men? Why are you trembling with the anger of your enemies? Why do you despair because of illness, suffering, unemployment or impending death? Isn’t He the LORD? Is HE not the LORD of sickness, death and destruction? Of unemployment, housing shortage, hunger and thirst? He’s here, that is His name.
Why do we have so little faith in our Lord? Doesn’t He know our problems? Or do we not like His ways with us? Are they too hard for us? Please, allow Him to carry your burdens! He says: Bring me your burden, I will gladly carry it for you, and, please, take my burden. It is light and does not suffocate.
Do we not believe that HE is the Lord? Or why are we afraid? He’s here! That’s His program, His name. HE with all His power is by your side.  He even took away the power of death. Do you assume your problem to be even bigger?
He has cured so many diseases, ailments and sufferings. Should we despair because we are still not completely healthy? No, we can bear it because HE believes we can.
Please, let Him be Lord. Do not destroy your faith by small faith. Nothing is more powerful than HE!- and you are in His strong, loving hand.
Seek Him, be open to His solutions, and praise Him now already for redeeming you from everything. He will certainly do it; – nothing is too difficult for Him.
When will we finally believe? Without maybe, eventually … and: if God wills.
The Lord is here. And where are you?
Allow Him to enter your heart. Let the joy enter, this unique heavenly joy that can be stopped by nothing. He’s here!!
And where HE is, there is joy without limits. Let Him be LORD! Let Him do it! Let Him fill you to the bursting point!
HE is there, and where HE is, there is no more death, no more suffering, no more depression. He is the conqueror.

Thank You Jesus, for saving me, but not so that the enemy may oppress me again. No, I want to get up, I want to fight for your victory: You are there, and where you are, there is hope and joy!