God keeps His promises – 2018.04.30

The Lord needs him. He’ll have him brought back soon.
Mark 11:3

That’s a strange promise. Actually, it’s about the donkey the LORD needs to ride into Jerusalem. The disciples found it, just as the LORD had said. And if anyone asks, what are you doing? then, says the LORD, says: The LORD needs it. He’ll have it returned soon.
15 years ago my Mercedes was stolen from me. I had always driven old cars, and was very proud of my 250D Mercedes. That was a real luxury! But I didn’t enjoy it for long, then it was stolen, – just gone. And the insurance against theft I had cancelled shortly before; – such bad luck!
I often leafed through the Bible and this verse above looked at me every time. Slowly I realized the LORD wanted to talk to me. And slowly I understood that HE would compensate me with my damage. It took me several weeks to believe him: He’s gonna pay me back that Mercedes.
But year after year passed. I bought cars, but most of them were quite prone to repairs. Once I dreamt of a black car. And when a relative offered his black car for sale, I immediately took it. But even that was just a lemon. It was more like driving in the workshop. It’s bad! As if the LORD has forsaken me in this respect.
And so I slowly forgot His promise. But the LORD had not forgotten them!
A few days ago a friend came to visit me and said, by the way, that he wanted to sell his car, a Mercedes of the luxury class. And I asked him how much he wanted. Well, the price wasn’t bad. I looked on the Internet for the prices for such a car, and thought, the price is really not bad, we can do that well.
Now my friend sent me a text that he wants to sell the car next week. All right, I say I’ll buy it! (I had just had my life insurance paid out, so I can pay it well).
I had totally forgotten God’s promise, only now I remember it again. But he’s faithful, he never forgets!
Now I am full of joy at Him who is so faithful to me! He always and in any case keeps what he promises!!!!

Thank you, Jesus!!!!!!!! I can count on you. Sometimes it takes time, but you have a tighter schedule. You always have the overview and redeem your word if it is correct. Thank you! You’re wonderful! Yes, I love you!!!