Praise goes up – 2018.04.27

Praise the LORD, all you nations,
extol Him, all you people!
For great is His love towards us,
and the faithfulness of the LORD
endures forever.
Psalm 117

A rather short psalm, but very, very accurate – short and concise, as I love it.
Thanks are given for concrete things. You can praise the person or the thing and speak about it very well. Praise is at a higher level than thanking. And to extol even more enthusiastic than praise.
Yes, we want to thank God for all concrete things: eating and drinking, living and working, clothing and much more. He’s good to us! Or have any of us ever starved to death? He’s faithful in taking care of us. Yet sometimes I complain. Like I want roast when there’s only soup or potatoes, or only rice. And in summer I want cool winters, and in winter I wait for summer…. I wonder if anyone can please me?
No, nobody can, because apparently that’s my attitude: nagging and complaining. I’d rather break my habit and constantly thank Him.
Someone has a clock that rings every 5 minutes and reminds him to thank the Lord. That’s great when you are as forgetful as I am!
Yes, I want to write a new program in my head and heart: Gratitude. Always and everywhere and for everything. For I know: God is above all things and takes good care of me.
And another thing: I want to start praising Him more. I want to read or sing the Psalms, I want to hear the worship music and sing it with my heart, because I want to rewrite the program in my heart!
I praise Him for His grace and kindness, His mercy and patience, His kindness, gentleness, love, and care!
Oh how wonderful!  All nations will know and acknowledge Him! Then peace will finally come. Too many pass by Jesus carelessly; – it is our responsibility to present Jesus correctly so that people see Him instead of blaspheming about the churches.
O LORD, open people’s eyes to Your faithfulness and mercy! Don’t let them go to their own undoing! Help, give us the right words of love! and open their hearts to the gospel of salvation.

Yes, LORD, You are wonderful! Thank You for Your loyalty, which lasts for all eternities! Thank You for Your kindness today, for Your patience, for Your gentleness, for Your love that stands above this day.