Love – 2018.04.26

For I am certain:
Neither death nor life,
neither angels nor powers,
neither the present nor the future,
neither forces of height or depth
nor any other creature
can separate us from God’s love,
which is in Christ Jesus, our Lord.
Romans 8:38f.

Sometimes a mother sacrifices herself for her child and dies so that the child lives. But there aren’t many people who would die for someone else.
Who loves me so much he’d die for me? Probably no one.
But Jesus did it! Then, 2000 years ago, HE went on the cross and died to redeem me from death, sin and the power of darkness. He had no program to follow, no ideology to die for. It was love that drove him. He paid with His life the price for me to redeem me from death and ruin.
How much am I worth to him!!! If I ask the question somewhere else, the chemist comes and says: In him are chemicals of approximately one to two euros value. I’m worth a little more to my kids, to strangers, how much do I know? But no one would give His life.
But Jesus loved me so much. How much am I worth to him! All the other problems I have are trifles against the price that HE paid for me. Whether I am sick, whether I die, whether I need work…. everything are trifles against what HE saved me from, bought free from the power of darkness.
That is why I want to trust Him, Him who loved me so much and still loves me. He’ll never leave me or forget me. He gives me everything else I need; – it is not difficult for Him.
He redeemed me then, even though He already knew every day of my life. He knew that I am not always faithful, that I sometimes sin, sometimes go my own way and am defiant and opinionated, petty and self-pitying. And yet: HE has chosen me; – only out of love!

Thank you, Jesus! You really are love! I can trust you, yes, I can trust you with my life! You paid such a high price for me, you’ll give me everything else! LORD, I love you!!!