Delightful times – 2018.04.25

They will neither harm nor destroy
on all my holy mountains,
for the earth will be filled  
with the knowledge of the Lord
as the water covers the sea.
Isaiah 11:9

Oh what delightful times! Where the Lord is present we are fine. There is joy, mercy,peace, and gentleness. No lie, no deception! Inmidst of brothers and sisters you are safe and secure. There is only praising and dancing!
I read a book about the spiritual revival in Wales/England that took place about 100 years ago. The spirit of the Lord rested so powerfully on the people there, their fear of the Lord was so strong that the prisons were empty in these times, the pubs went bankrupt, the football fields remained empty. No bets were made any more. The casinos had to close. People wanted to live free of financial debt, did not borrow money anymore from the bank  The lending business came to an end. Even the doctors had less to do as illness was defeated ….
It was a wonderful time!
In South America there are cities where a lot of people are passionate Christians. It is amazing how substantially the number of crimes there decreases. Indeed there are prisons where the inmates convert to faith, let Jesus enter into their hearts and even pray for a restored world. In fact God reigns there; peace and freedom reigns in jail cells!
In slum areas where people were won for Jesus and became fiery Christians all dirt and rubbish were eliminated, the money was not invested anymore for alcohol drinks but instead for foodstuffs only. Their poor accomodation, small huts were cleaned and renovated, got hygienic. All in all the residents there felt better now!
Oh definitely the world would be better, a heavenly place, if we only would look at Jesus, accept Him as our Lord. How great would the children grow up if we are serious with Jesus, would bring them up in His name. Then there would be no quarrel as pride and stubbornness are gone. There will be no room for self-pity which leads into depression. The roots of bitterness will be torn out because forgiveness is victorious. And nobody will gossip about others.
With the power of the Holy Spirit we can start to create these blissful, paradisiacal conditions already now: Let us follow Jesus! Let Him be Lord! Master of our emotions, thinking, mind, and physical body, of our purse and desires, Then heaven opens and revival is there where we just are.

Thank You, Jesus, that you are present. You are still the same, have not changed! You are the same here as in South America, or Wales; You cause revival if we hear your voice and follow You. Yes Lord, I will be your child and your disciple.