To the Promised Land – 2018.04.23

You must not back away from them and you must not be afraid of them. The LORD your God who leads you will fight for you.
Deuteronomy 1:29f.

Israel had sent men into the Promised Land to explore it. When they returned, they described the country in the most beautiful colours. But they warned: There are giants there, they’ll tear us to pieces! And so they discouraged everyone. No one wanted to go back to the Promised Land. But Moses said the words above and reminded them how God saved them from Pharaoh as they left Egypt, how He constantly kept saving them in the desert; – now should this problem be too great for Him? You must not fear and not retreat!
What about us? How often are we afraid of “little things”. But God has already solved bigger problems for us! If we look at the mountains of worries, at those who make life difficult for us, at our own mistakes and failures…. we no longer see God. Forget everything HE has done great things for us. Then the hardships will crush us. And there’s no faith left.
That is why it is sooo important that we stick to what the Bible recommends: thank. Remember. Praise God. Know his word. God and Jesus.
Joshua and Caleb were in the promised land as scouts. They saw the giants, too, but they knew We can do this! because God is on our side.
But the people did not hear. So it had to walk back into the desert and for 38 years around a mountain, always in a circle, and once more and again and again. Does it remind you of your life? Always in circles? Same thing over and over and over again?
God waited 38 years for Israel to take the land. The faithless were deceased, a new generation grew up who knew nothing of Egypt. And with this new generation, God conquered the land. Those were men with backbones! They were tried and tested men, strong, just, straightforward, believing the LORD! Non-bent wimps, timid paragraph fritzes… No, they could risk something because God was on their side. They were not afraid and did not retreat fearfully. God preceded them and fought for them.

Thank you for the new generation, Jesus! She’s making brave headway, straight for the target. They sacrifice their lives for their beloved LORD. And you stand by them, clear the way, fight for them. I’m already old, but I want to belong to this generation and not rot on the sofa! Hallelujah, you make your word come true!!