Inner Healing – 2018.04.22

He heals the brokenhearted
and binds up their wounds.
Psalms 147:3

What a comfort to rest safely in loving hands. You are often deeply hurt in life and rarely is there one who can comfort you.
However, our God is like a father and mother. He understands like a father, He comforts like a mother. Sometimes it is as if He gently put His hand on our head and say to us: Have courage, little child, I am with you!
Sometimes we are suffering from really serious emotional wounds that we then want to protect against further attacks. We harden our heart. But God takes away this hardness with His love gives us peace, forgiveness deep in our heart. He sees und knows everything we do not understand yet. Therefore he treats us with prudence, procedes slowly step by step with His healing until we are completely restored. As long as we live we need His helping hands. We always will discover new weaknesses in ourselves that we bring before God and are amazed again and again how patient and merciful He is.
He knows what kind of human beings we are. He has created us and it was very good in His eyes.
Yes, in Jesus we are restored. In Him we have all comfort, that nobody else can give us. He has overcome all misery on earth inclusive the death itself. Therefore He is able to console and heal us completely. He knows all points of injuries and put his comforting hands on them.
If we only would trust Him more and would not run away when He wishes to approach us personally. Let us calm down and listen. Let Him speak to you. It is not sufficient only to cry in despair before Him. We must give Him room, an opportunity to help, to encourage, to heal. Be still and receive!
Are you able to do that? Do we have the power to totally lean on Him and put aside videos and facebook? We alone with God? Or is the world captivating us again with its distractions?

Oh Lord, heal me! I know it could be painful. My memories of injuries are so strong but I trust You will treat them with care. Yes, I really may trust You. You will heal all the wounds of my heart. You are  Jehova Rapha a wonderful doctor.