The dear relatives – 2018.04.20

Jesus said:
A prophet is not without honour except in his own town, among his relatives and in his own home.
Mark 6:4

As Christians, we know our families are like stone. There is no interest in the Gospel. It is particularly difficult for married Christians if their partner does not want anything to do with faith.
We can talk and pray, invite and advertise, be nice or not, – it does not help. You might as well talk to a stone wall. There may even be some sharp reactions.
Yet Jesus encourages us to pray for our loved ones. There lies great promise. We should not get on the nerves of our loved ones through our missionary work, but show our faith through quiet deeds and the way we lead our lives. People will become jealous!
Jesus himself can start acting upon our trusting prayers. For the honour shall belong to Him alone, or do you want the honour of bringing your relatives to faith? He’s good at it on his own, and probably better than you.
But HE wants our prayer for our loved ones, a prayer full of trust. If we entrust our burden to Him, HE can become active. But HE does not commit himself by saying: “After 25 prayers I will do something. No, HE will act in HIS time!
When I became a Christian, I met with incomprehension in the family, because we were all baptized and believed in something higher; at least we were all Christians. And now I said: You are not yet Christians! Well, such impudence! But after a few years my brother joined me at a Christian fellowship in Bremen. There he became a Christian. My sister remained disinterested. But after a few years she also became a Christian. My mother went to a Billy Graham crusade decades later. She promised herself a nice evening, but then God’s call came to her and she was converted. Eventually it was my father’s turn when a friendly visitor came and he opened his heart to the visitor. The man was able to pray for the hidden bonds and break them. Father was free to accept Jesus.
It is worth praying! We make a lot of mistakes, and everyone sees it. But they also see what Jesus is doing in us. They watch closely and when we pray, Jesus will show himself to them.

Thank You Jesus, You hear my prayer! Yes Lord, I entrust my loved ones to You. I cannot make them believe, only you can. Please, fulfill Your word soon, I want to experience it in my lifetime!

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