Servant of Christ – 2018.04.19

We should be contemplated as servants of Christ and as stewards of the mysteries of God.
1 Corinthians 4, 1

Oh, I’d like to be! Such a saint who knows all the secrets of God! One that everyone looks up to. When I pray, mountains move. Sick people get well immediately. People fall under the power of my prayer. Everyone wants an appointment with me, I should speak at congresses everywhere… Oh, what a wonderful thing that would be!
But God’s ways are different. He doesn’t want glory for me, and I don’t really want it myself. I want to have fellowship with Him, my beloved Lord and not be in the spotlight! I am in good company with Moses, Elijah, Isaiah, Jeremiah, Paul, Peter and John. John the Baptist also said: I must lose weight, but HE should gain weight!
Unfortunately, the big moments are only short moments. My normal life does not take place on the mountain of the Transfiguration, but in the valley of duties, small things and daily small things. That is why the verse says that we should be regarded as servants and not as all-knowing, all-capable doers. The verse goes on: administrators are expected to be faithful. And this is especially true in daily life: Faithfulness to Jesus.
Even when washing dishes, mowing lawns, driving a car, raking leaves, filling out forms you should see: We are faithful to Him; – and: It is reflected in the way we carry out our daily duties. Discontented, swearing, scolding or cheerful, safe in God, thankful for the day…
It’s these little things that make the difference. Am I faithful to Jesus? Or am I discontented about all the little things and all the little tribulations in life? Am I His servant and can I bend down? The most difficult school of Jesus’ disciples is in the gray everyday life.
But I can be sure: Jesus stands by me. He is very close to me and also helps with small things. He gives courage, ideas, help, comfort, strength in everyday life. Yes, HE is the LORD of everyday life! And with Him I overcome far…. also the everyday life, the little things that always go wrong, we overcome everything together with Him! Our heart can remain cheerful, grateful and relaxed!

Oh Jesus, I’m so glad you’re here! How good that you always stand by my side! Every little thing is a happy thing with you! Lord, I want to be a faithful servant, that’s really enough for me.