A fervent Love – 2018.04.18

Let him kiss me with the kisses of his mouth, 
for your love is more delightful than wine.
Song of Songs 1:2

With above words the Song of songs in the Bible begins. It is a book about love, about longing for each other, for fellowship and harmony. So our love is with Jesus, and so fervent and deep is His love for us.
Once a man, let us call him Henry, fell in love with a beautiful woman and began to study all books about woman. He got so busy that he forgot to phone, or to meet her. He was so fascinated by the content of the books. She, however, felt left alone and the love cooled down, was not hot anymore.
Just as Henry many Christians want to love Jesus: They study all about Him, want to know and understand everything and soon they seem to surpass the best theologians in terms of logic and knowledge. However, the first love got lost. The heart was filled with pride and ambition instead. Only phrases and clever thoughts!
With this attitude a love cannot last long. Love does not want to be blocked by our own efforts. It wants to spread in us deeply, wants to keep us hot that we stay passionate, give love room and feed the fire of love daily. We always should be filled with love. Our thoughts, our doings, our emotions are shaped by it.  Yes, Jesus loves us fervently, loves us as His bride, wants to give us everything. In the strength of the Holy Spirit we want to be the same for Him. We want to overcome, want to feed our love and compassion for Him just as the fire in the oven needs the firewood. Otherwise the oven will get cold…
Teachings, books, videos are good, no doubt. But where is the fire? Only the relationship with Jesus gives it to us.
Let us be one with Him as He is one with the Father. The sign of His sonship was love. In love we are connected with Jesus. Community with Him is only possible in pure love. This love shapes us gets stronger and stronger in us and focuses all our attention to Jesus who gave His life for us.,
The more intensively we seek Him in the Bible, through prayers and praising, through our daily work, in our free time the more we will encounter Him. He wants that we get to know His love and He is glad when we discover again one of His many good qualities. He is really creative in His love. more than a normal  theologian can imagine. He is the greatest Lover, Bridegroom, Friend and Saviour.

Thank You, Jesus, that You love me so much. I did not earn it. But you look at me in a differrent way as I see myself: Full of compassion and joy! How soothing to rest safely in Your arms.