Jesus brings liberation – 2018.04.17

And Joshua said to them: Do not be afraid; do not be discouraged. Be strong and courageous. This is what the Lord will do to all the enemies you are going to fight.
Joshua 10:25.

How much curse and destruction is caused by the lives of the great-grandparents! Every sin gives the enemy the right to torture the children, grandchildren, great-grandchildren and great-great-grandchildren.
My great-grandparents weren’t good. One was a carpenter.  He made coffins. His wife performed magic at night with the dead and conversed to them, – spiritism is what this is called. She had many children, but none was ever, and they had only one or no children at all; – strange in those days.
The other great-grandmother could really perform magic and heal people, at least physically. But when the devil does you a favour, he wants his reward – and that is your soul. My father was also cursed as a child and suffered from depression that only went away when he entrusted his life to Jesus in old age. Jesus is the LORD who can destroy any curse! He can forgive the guilt of our ancestors and release us from all consequences. He really is the Lord of lords.
As for me and my siblings, we suffered from suicidal thoughts. Even when I became a Christian, it didn’t stop. Some people prayed for me, demanding overall freedom from the sins of my ancestors; – but nothing changed. Only when I met a man who could see where the sins of the ancestors lay, was I freed. The man exorcised these evil forces and since then I had not a single thought of suicide.
Jesus alone really sets free! He wants our good, our best, – the enemy, on the other hand, wants to destroy us and drive us to death.
There was a woman in our community. She had an extreme fear of water, lakes and rivers and was irresistibly drawn in. Once I prayed for her and saw reeds. Everything became suddenly clear to me: there was a reed-covered bank of a large river in southern Russia and there in the reeds lay a murdered man. The next day we prayed together for forgiveness of this great sin, and since then the woman could walk by the water. She was amazed: Look, the ducks are standing on one leg while sleeping! she had never seen it before….. Yes, this is how Jesus sets free!
He wants to give us gifts that can recognize such bonds and set people free. He is the LORD and no one else! Jesus is the Redeemer and Deliverer!
Let us pray that more brothers and sisters will receive this gift of discernment and recognition! Let us pray that more brothers and sisters will be freed from the burdens of their ancestors! And let us trust God to set us free. We want to love Him, worship Him and follow Him.

Thank You, Jesus! You are the way to freedom! You are the truth, not the enemy and the liar! You are the life, the enemy wants me dead! That is why I love You, listen to You and follow You! With You I have life, life in abundance!