Sense, Goal and Purpose of Life – 2018.04.16

I will sing to the Lord as long as I live,
wants to play my god while I’m around.
May he like my poetry.
I want to rejoice at the Lord.
Psalm 104, 33f.

What remains? Nothing at all. Everything fades. I won’t be anymore, my children get old and pass away, the house gets too old, the car gets rusty, the money runs out….. everything passes away. Even the words I write. And what do you try hard for? All for now, so I can live well and have fun?
That’s not enough for me, that’s not the meaning of life.
I am glad that God, my Creator, is here! Without Him, life would not be possible. He remembers me all the time. My name is written in His hand so that HE is constantly reminded of me.
With Him, I will never pass away. I am with Him always and forever, as I have been with Him every day now. Oh, that’s supposed to be my poetry and costumes: To praise Him, to sing to Him and to have fellowship with the Lord!
He is eternal, and my fellowship with Him is just as eternal. Everything I do, my thoughts and my aspirations are stored with Him. May he like my poetry!
My words, which I write, may bear fruit, which are to be seen in eternity and in which God thinks. My prayers will have fruit and I will see again the people in heaven for whom I prayed. My fellowship with the Lord is fruitful here and now and for all eternity.
The time for Facebook and television have no eternity value, they are wasted time. But the time of communion with Him and with the brothers and sisters is well invested time! This is the meaning of life: community – with Him and with our brothers and sisters!
When I am outside and see the sky and stars, the flowers, the wind, the birds and clouds, then I praise Him, then I am happy and one with Him and creation. Then harmony is there. Yes, that is my goal: harmony, meaning in life, work for eternity… And he thinks of me. How good that is! So I can happily go my way!

Thank you Jesus, with you life has meaning, purpose and harmony! Now there is joy, where previously there was dejection and listlessness. You’re worth worshipping, you’re worth my life!