He redeems – 2018.04.15

Can plunder be taken from warriors,
or captives be rescued from the fierce?
But this is what the Lord says:
Yes, captives will be taken from the warriors,
and plunder retrieved from the fierce;
I will contend with those who contend with you,
and your children I will save.
Isaiah 49:24f

The Lord has saved His people already one time when they lived in slavery in Egypt. He heard their wailing and cry for help and came to release them. He lead them out of Egypt through the Red Sea into freedom in a supernatural way.
For Him everything is possible. He is able to redeem and save His children also in these times.
He will not always do that instantly as we wish. He likes to test our faith. We should not be fearful, not a yellow- belly. But He will never come too late. We may rely on Him, He will be at our side in time. With power He then will come to redeem His children.
An experienced Christian will always remember how often Jesus has set him free out of hopeless situations. You may totally rely on Him!  It is us who often give up, let our heads hang as if there is no God, and as if  the enemies are much too strong and the problems too big.
The enemy might tell us that the guilt is with us. We are in great trouble when we accept that and difficult is the way to heal and restore. No, God forgives. He did that 2000 years ago. He is a good, generous, patient, and loyal Father. He comes and saves when we call Him.
Yet, sometimes we prefer to go our own ways although we know that He has other plans for us. Then He just lets us go until we see our mistake and learn how limited our wisdom is. Only if we totally trust Him then He will show us the solution of the problems. As a matter of fact we often do not trust Him enough. The problem is at our side! We have to get to know God better!

Thank You, Jesus! You alone are the solution of my problem. And even when thousands of enemies are surrounding me, when sorrows and anxieties pile up like mountains: You are still stronger, You keep what You promise, You are faithful. Yes Lord, I trust You!