Justice or peace? – 2018.04.13

As he approached Jerusalem and saw the city, he wept over it and said: “If you, even you had only known on this day what would bring you peace – but now it is hidden from your eyes.”
Luke 19, 41f.

… which brings you peace; – so Jesus said. So what is it that brings us peace?
I knew a woman who fought tooth and nail to keep the apartment in which she lived, and she got it. She got the apartment, but no peace. She had fought so hard for it, utilizing all the means permitted by law, but it did not bring her peace. Perhaps.  Maybe a little vindictiveness also played a role. She was unable to confide in Jesus and withdraw from the fight for her right. He promised to take care of them. But no, she had to take care of herself – and she got was due to her. But still it did not bring her peace.
Jerusalem loved Jesus when He performed miracles. The city loved His speeches. But Jesus’ claim: I am the Messiah, that was unacceptable. The city itself wanted to decide what salvation should look like and who the saviour should be. Man has placed himself in the centre and he alone wants to decide what is good and right.
Jerusalem was not given peace. Instead the Romans destroyed it, so that not one stone remained.
Are you able to recognise what it is that brings you peace? Only the security close to Jesus’ heart brings peace. Not our right to anything, not prosperity, not a hobby, not another person, only Jesus fathoms the depths of the heart and brings peace.
Why is it so difficult for us to follow His way? Because we lack confidence in Him. And where would that even come from?
It grows when we obey Him and go His way, when we seek Him and spend time with Him. When we recognize Him and see what He is, trust will grow. And then you can let injustices go, because HE is our peace and makes up for the damage. He is our peace! – and nobody else.

Thank You Jesus, You care about me! I can confide in You, I can believe Your words! Forgive where I did not go Your way out of fear, but took care of my own right. Today I know it would have been better to listen to You. Help me learn from this. You good to me!