A new person – 2018.04.12

… and have put on the new self, which is being renewed in knowledge in the image of its Creator.
Colossians 3:10

It is possible to become a new person! How many people wish they could start all over again. Well, with Jesus it’s possible!
This renewal begins when we receive Jesus into our hearts and allow Him to work in us, to reshape us, to take possession of us. It goes on by pushing back our old, egocentric self and no longer listening to its desires, envy and lies. This renewal is a process, but step by step we become more similar in character to the Lord. Step by step we recognize Him more and more, and HE transforms us more and more into His image, as it was planned in creation.
It is possible to leave the past behind. Jesus’ forgiveness is so comprehensive that it makes it possible. Some of the guilt we need make up for ourselves, but God erases everything from His memory that was evil, HE forgets it completely.
Now HE can use all our wrong ways, these bad experiences, in order to build His Kingdom. Those things I did wrong then, can be used today to warn or understand others, to be patient and loving to them.
Nothing is useless and in vain that once was. He uses it. He has always watched over us, it is in His will to form and shape us.
Everything will be renewed. Our feelings will become new. Joy sets in, peace accompanies us. At night we can finally sleep peacefully in Him. The loneliness gives way. He has understanding for us and a strong yes for us: you are wanted, you are My child, I love you!
God’s Spirit makes us capable of loving those we once hated. He makes us able to pray for intercession instead of revenge. Everything in us becomes new, so that we recognize Him more and more and become more like Him.
Who doesn’t want to be like Jesus? Full of patience, gentleness, strength, faith, mercy, grace, forgiveness, love and discipline? With Him it is possible to start a new life. Are you willing.

Thank you Jesus, you make me new! There are still some areas in which I need renewal. But there are already many things you have renewed! And that’s wonderful!! Please, come back into my heart, reign there and make me a new person!