Law and Grace – 2018.04.11

These people honor me with their lips,
but their hearts are far from me.
They worship me in vain;
their teachings are merely human rules.
Matthew 15 8-9

Sometimes I need to climb on our roof and clean the chimney. It is always somewhat of an insecure matter, I do not feel good about it. It would be great, if there was steps with a handrail that I could hold tightly.
It is similar with the law; we feel very insecure and do not know how we should do things correctly. And there we make up laws that make sense, they make things simpler; – there are our handrails that we hold tightly. You should do this, you are not allowed that. Everything is OK, if we stick to the laws. Yes, if only everything was so simple!
Jesus puts everything very clearly in the question: By what therefore do we want to be saved? Do you want a handrail or do you want to hold on to my hand? – Through the law, then you need to hold onto everything and cannot make even the smallest mistake. Or through the grace of Jesus. Then must you totally live in the grace, without every law, only in His hands. Most Christians limp on both sides. The hold the laws and rules that apply in their churches and those that they made themselves, and at the same time, want the grace of Jesus. The only want forgiveness if something went really badly wrong.
Jesus thinks: That without cleansing our heart s are evil. It needs to be completely renewed. All bad thoughts, words and deeds come out of our heart. Only when the Holy Ghost reigns, our thoughts, feelings, words and deeds align with the thoughts of God and the fruits of his spirit. We need the constant cleaning and forgiveness of Jesus. There is much that lurks in the depth of our hearts: pride, bitterness, revenge, criticism…. the list is endless. I am happy that every morning I can receive new forgiveness for Jesus. He cleanses me every morning from the false sinful thoughts. He fills my heart every morning newly with his Holy Ghost. Only the spirit of Jesus that works in our hearts, saves us from the snare of legality, that kills faith and grace. Only the constant forgiveness saves us for the condemnation that the law brings. I want to live! Therefore I will stand my life on the loving Lord, on Jesus Christ!

Thank you Jesus, that you have broken the power and the rule of the law. I no longer need to be or will be driven and condemned by the law. Now I can joyfully walk the way with you. Because you forgive me and forgive and forgive. You alone are my salvation! Thank you for your patient with me.