God’s Living Word – 2018.04.10

Is not my word like fire, declares the Lord,
and like a hammer, the breaks a rock in pieces?
Jeremiah 23:29

Yes, that is the word of the LORD. We don’t experience it every day, but we know it. This is a word that hits us to the core. There we know, the Lord himself has spoken!
And every day when we read the Bible we realize that His Word meets us. Not always like a hammer, but we become more sensitive to it, and God does not always need this kind of volume. The main thing is that we want to hear it and not close our ears to uncomfortable words! That is something we learned very well.
God wants our obedience out of love for Him and not because of the volume of His voice. Many tears fall in meetings when the Lord speaks and works. Tears of joy or real sadness, God works as He wants. Some people need grief to let God continue His work. And sometimes HE speaks a word of liberation, and man weeps with happiness. Sometimes His Word brings healing, eliminating the disease as if by fire. He has the right word for everyone.
What is important is that we listen carefully to what HE wants so that we can pray properly with people. Some people are constantly threatening imaginary demons, or lack spiritual authority to remove them. Some pray everything they have heard from others and hope something helps.
Let us listen to God first so that He can say the right thing and we can pray the right thing!
And let’s take some time to pray. Otherwise we really only pray our own words. It is better to listen to Him and pray what is in His will and thought! Then signs and miracles happen, then His Word becomes a hammer that can smash a rock.
Let us rather pray together as a team, because one may have the ability to recognise evil spirits tormenting man, and the other may have an eye for the inner healing of the heart, and the third may have the gift of healing. We need each other!

Thank You Jesus, You have a powerful word for us! If only I wasn’t so hard of hearing and always listened to You! Forgive me for taking so long to understand You! Help me understand Your Word when I pray for other people! For Your words are the hammer that sets others free, heals and lets them grow in faith. You are good to us!!