Useless?? – 2018.04.07

I assure you that when you were younger you tied your own belt and walked around wherever you wanted. When you grow old, you will stretch out your hands and another will tie your belt and lead you where you don’t want to go.
John 21:18

On Sunday I was in a church in another city. I really enjoyed the worship and the community. Then God directed my sight at a number of men: They looked kinda bitter or disappointed. He made me clear that they had set the switch of their life in wrongly in previous years and now feel like at a siding. They were disappointed of themselves because they failed although they imagined to achieve great things. They wanted to serve the LORD, but got to a dead end. Perhaps job and work do not allow other things. Or they are involved in a difficult marriage and family so that they have no strength. God knows the exact causes!
God also knows their hearts. He knows that it actually longs for Him. Therefore He wants these men to come back to Him and that they let themselves get filled with His hope. It’s not too late!
If we want to make ourselves available to Him and live for Him, He lets us be a blessing even in difficult circumstances. He wants to give us new goals. He wants to tie our belt, equip us and make us able to serve Him. He wants to give us goals that we can not even imagine today.
A man of God was already 55 years old. Previously he had worked at various places for the Lord. Now he was in a difficult personal and family situation. And yet the Lord called him and entrusted him with a task through which he became a blessing for many people. Precisely because of the difficulties he could comfort plenty of humans and give new courage. He had never imagined to become a blessing to the Lord someday. He never thought of this work. But God had His plans and He carries them out. Get caught up in the hope that God has for you!!

Thank you, Jesus, You are a wonderful Lord! For You, no one is too stupid, too young, too old, too fat or too weak. You have a place where he can be a blessing for everyone. You have hope for everybody, a good plan and good thoughts! That is why we trust You again this morning and would like to give You our lives. You are worth it!