The sea rises – 2018.04.06

And afterwards,
I will pour my Spirit on all people.
Your sons and daughters will prophesy,
your old men will dream dreams,
and your young men will see visions….
And everyone who calls on the name of the Lord
will be saved.
Joel 2, 28.32

A thought ran through me. I saw the beach of Palanga at the Baltic Sea. It was summer and many people were there, bathing and basking in the sun. Several “sun worshippers” were also there. They stood in the sun, their eyes closed, their arms outstretched, absorbing the sun’s rays. I thought to myself, if only they were worshipping Jesus right now! And then I saw the sea rise. Some drops rose as if they were weightless. There were also quite large drops, perhaps a litre in size. They soon flooded the beach and climbed to 20, 30 meters in height. In this “drop cloud” one could breathe well, there was clear, fresh air, but no wind. There was a bluish-green light, very bright, but also very pleasant. The drops were warm, tender, mild, soft and gentle like balsam. It felt good when they touched the skin. There was a joyful silence, nothing frightening. But great peace, no, rather joy lay over the whole, and great clarity and glory.
The drops climbed up the dunes and on the other side they glided down into the city. There too there was no horror or fear, but joy and glory. Faces were radiant. Enmities were forgotten. Neighbours who had fought in court for years were in each other’s arms. Married couples who only had bad words for each other acted like newlyweds. The joy, clarity and glory were like heaven.
The cloud of drops continued to flow from the city over the villages all over the country. And everywhere it went, the same thing happened: Joy and glory, forgiveness, new love, healing and heavenly joy as the predominant characteristic.

Yes, dear Jesus, come soon! Put an end to the earthly vale of misery! Come and share Your joy! Renew the hearts so that they worship You and receive Your joy! O Lord, how much I love You! How I long for you!