Time of Grace – 2018.04.03

In the time of grace I have heard you, on the day of salvation I have helped you. Behold, now it is, the time of grace; behold, now it is, the day of salvation.
2 Corinthians 6:2

With a good friend, I wrote to myself about yesterday’s devotion. Jesus says: I came to throw fire on the earth! My friend said it meant the fire of the court, not the revival. I’ve been thinking about it for a long time. I do not believe that Jesus is eagerly awaiting His chance to finally give judgment on the earth. No, He would  much, much rather give the fire of revival!
Apparently there are still many relics from the time of the law in our New Testament interpretations. And our thinking is no different: We have not been completely relieved from legal thinking!
We are also not yet complete in our new thinking and understanding of grace. Again and again we fall back into legal thinking. We condemn ourselves, judge our brother, set standards no one can meet, not even ourselves, we pursue politics with the thinking of the Old Testament. We do not exercise grace properly, we judge too harshly by law! When will we finally be completely at peace?
There is something else to consider: We are not taking full advantage of the time of grace. Our requests are simply too modest! If God has mercy on us today, it also means that He does not simply refuse us any request! He sticks to the grace He has promised us. But we ask only sooo little….
Let us not pray for ourselves, but in Jesus’ stead: O LORD, save the world! O LORD, do signs and wonders that people may convert! Send workers into Your harvest so that the many people don’t get lost!
Hudson Taylor always prayed specifically for workers and missionaries: Lord, if we want to reach this district, we need 200 missionaries. And the LORD always heard him and sent him what was necessary.
Georg Müller was a hero of faith who lived from and by grace and cared for and generously raised 10,000 orphans with no money of his own, and in a time  hundreds of years ago, when there was no social welfare.

Lord, I need greater faith and greater purpose! For now is the time of grace, now is the right time! Soon it may be too late! O LORD, we want to reach the world with Your good news, comfort, help, forgiveness, friendship, mercy and grace! Give ideas, give the means, give courage and faith! We want to take advantage of the time of grace!!