Promises – 2018.04.01

Remember Your word to your servant,
for You have given me hope.
Psalm 119:49

God never forgets His promises. But we do it like Abraham who looked for other solutions to get  a long-awaited son, an inheritor. That was really a wrong path with bad consequences even though it was understandable from a human poit of view.
Sometimes we wait 10 or even 20 years for  fulfillment of a promise. You become terribly impatient then. In this moment you want to help  a little bit that the promise will come true. One makes own plans to achieve goals in own strength. The results are always bad.
As said in the beginning God never forgets what He had promised. We may be absolutely sure of that. However, He only can fulfill His word when He is sure that we are able to handle it correctly.
For instance there is someone to whom He prophecies that he will be a great evangelist. So He first has to stabilize the character of this person, heal all the possibly many wounds of his childhood, step by step. At the end His word will come true. This man will be a great, steadfast evangelist without fear, not afraid of people. Many years may pass but when God had made a beginning He will bring it to an end.
God had given me promises too. Some of them were promptly fulfilled to my great joy. But for others I still have to wait. There is the danger that I get tired and slowly forget some them for which I have fervently prayed in the beginning. That is really a shame, what do you think?
Today I remember His word again and ask for forgiveness for having displaced His promises and begin to newly pray for fulfillment. Yes, the Lord will hear me. I got certainty about it after having had a quiet time of prayer. It could easily happen that you mix up your wishes with the promise of God.
I thank God and trust that He does the best for me and patiently will await the fulfillment of His promise. He will not forget that. Praise the Lord!

Thank You, Lord!  Your word will come true! You do not forget me as well as all the promises which You gave me. Deep in my heart I know: You keep Your word! That makes me confident and carefree. Thank You!