God keeps His promises – 2018.04.30

The Lord needs him. He’ll have him brought back soon.
Mark 11:3

That’s a strange promise. Actually, it’s about the donkey the LORD needs to ride into Jerusalem. The disciples found it, just as the LORD had said. And if anyone asks, what are you doing? then, says the LORD, says: The LORD needs it. He’ll have it returned soon.
15 years ago my Mercedes was stolen from me. I had always driven old cars, and was very proud of my 250D Mercedes. That was a real luxury! But I didn’t enjoy it for long, then it was stolen, – just gone. And the insurance against theft I had cancelled shortly before; – such bad luck!
I often leafed through the Bible and this verse above looked at me every time. Slowly I realized the LORD wanted to talk to me. And slowly I understood that HE would compensate me with my damage. It took me several weeks to believe him: He’s gonna pay me back that Mercedes.
But year after year passed. I bought cars, but most of them were quite prone to repairs. Once I dreamt of a black car. And when a relative offered his black car for sale, I immediately took it. But even that was just a lemon. It was more like driving in the workshop. It’s bad! As if the LORD has forsaken me in this respect.
And so I slowly forgot His promise. But the LORD had not forgotten them!
A few days ago a friend came to visit me and said, by the way, that he wanted to sell his car, a Mercedes of the luxury class. And I asked him how much he wanted. Well, the price wasn’t bad. I looked on the Internet for the prices for such a car, and thought, the price is really not bad, we can do that well.
Now my friend sent me a text that he wants to sell the car next week. All right, I say I’ll buy it! (I had just had my life insurance paid out, so I can pay it well).
I had totally forgotten God’s promise, only now I remember it again. But he’s faithful, he never forgets!
Now I am full of joy at Him who is so faithful to me! He always and in any case keeps what he promises!!!!

Thank you, Jesus!!!!!!!! I can count on you. Sometimes it takes time, but you have a tighter schedule. You always have the overview and redeem your word if it is correct. Thank you! You’re wonderful! Yes, I love you!!!

Research me, Lord! – 2018.04.29

Search me, God, and know my heart;
test me and know my anxious thoughts.
See is there is any offensive way in me,
and lead me in the way everlasting.
Psalms 139: 23f

Many people approach God to get something from Him. They are sick and need healing for instance, or feel lonely and restless and seek His consolation His heavenly peace. Generally spoken they need help in all kind of difficult situaltions. And there are so many  afflictions and distresses!
Yes, for all that God is the right address. But do we seek Him only when we are in need and forget Him quickly when everything is running well? Or do we really seek Him always in good and bad times?
When I was young I often sang a song together with others: “In Him is everything I need..,, with Him I have all!” I only remember this very true sentence. If I have health, money,… and not peace and joy then I have not His fullness.
I like to ask God to research what I am looking for, what dominates my wishes. Is it Him, His righteousness, or do I turn to Him only for my benefit, that He fulfills my wishes, which is pure manipulation. So many questions!
Lord, search me and  test my thinking!
Sometimes I do not know whether I really seek Him, trust Him, or whether I just screaming anxiously for quick help and solutions. He knows that and differentiates. How important! He know my feelings, all my thoughts, wants to be my Helper, my Friend, my Partner. I may ask Him: What are my true motivations? Please search me, Lord!
I do not want to feed my old thick fat ego. Please renew my heart! I do not want to lament and moan, want to be strong instead, to endure, bear the other`s burden. I want to live only for Him, serve Him and will watch out that the old, fat thick ego will not interfere. He sees it immediately so I will do it as well. Please search me, Lord!

Lord, I belong to You! You are my King! I know that pride, laziness, self-pity, selfishness, depression, pleasure-seeking want to seize me again and again. Thank you for Your patience and that You help me to be victorious! Lord, I love You! 

God´s Hope with you – 2018.04.28

And I am sure of this, that He who began a good work in you will bring it to completion at the day of Jesus Christ.
Philippians 1, 6

We read this text in the gathering, verses 1 – 11. We imagined that God would send us this letter showing how He thinks about us. That is simply amazing!
There are no accusations or „you-have-to“, just compliments we still have to grow into.
Lovely, how the LORD sees us!
I will copy the text below the devotion for you to insert your name where (…) stands. Than you will know, how the LORD thinks about you.
HE has begun the good work of faith in you, and HE will finish it.
HE will never quit this work dissapointed, but rather bring it to the end.
HE will reach his goal with you.
You gave him your „YES“ and HE accepted you as his child, so HE will never let go of you.
No matter how angry and evil the enemy may be, HE keeps his word.
HE wrote your name in the palm of his hand, for him to always remember you.
No one can erase you from his memory.
It may be that you went astray and wanted to live without him. But HE was always with you.
It may be that you have fallen into sin and have no way out. But HE is still with you.
It may be that you had to leave everything behind, but your provider is with you. HE is there.
HE will never forget you. HE said „YES“ to you once, and he will never take it back.
HE is God and no human, today yes and tomorrow no. No, that’s not the way of God.
HE is loyal. What HE once promises, he certainly keeps.

Thank you heavenly father, You’ll never let go of me! You are always there, real close to me. Even if i’m angry at You, go my own way, don’t want anything to do with You: YOU are still there. Because You love me infinitely. You will reach your goal with me! LORD I want You, I really want You. I want to go on Your way!!

I thank my God in all my remembrance of (…) (you), always in every prayer of mine for  you (all) making my prayer with joy, because of your partnership in the gospel from the first day until now. And I am sure, that He who began a good work in (…) (you) will bring it to completion at the day of Jesus Christ. It is right form e to feel this way about (…) (you) all, because I hold (…) (you) in my heart, for you (all) partakers with me of grace, both in my imprisonment and in the defense and confirmation oft he gospel. For God is my witness, how I yearn for (…) (you all) with the affection of Christ Jesus. And it is my prayer that your love may abound more and more, with knowledge and all discernment, so that (…) (you) may approve what is excellent, and so be pure and blameless for the day of Christ, filled with the fruit of righteousness that comes through Jesus Christ, to the glory and praise of God.
Philippians 1, 3-11

Praise goes up – 2018.04.27

Praise the LORD, all you nations,
extol Him, all you people!
For great is His love towards us,
and the faithfulness of the LORD
endures forever.
Psalm 117

A rather short psalm, but very, very accurate – short and concise, as I love it.
Thanks are given for concrete things. You can praise the person or the thing and speak about it very well. Praise is at a higher level than thanking. And to extol even more enthusiastic than praise.
Yes, we want to thank God for all concrete things: eating and drinking, living and working, clothing and much more. He’s good to us! Or have any of us ever starved to death? He’s faithful in taking care of us. Yet sometimes I complain. Like I want roast when there’s only soup or potatoes, or only rice. And in summer I want cool winters, and in winter I wait for summer…. I wonder if anyone can please me?
No, nobody can, because apparently that’s my attitude: nagging and complaining. I’d rather break my habit and constantly thank Him.
Someone has a clock that rings every 5 minutes and reminds him to thank the Lord. That’s great when you are as forgetful as I am!
Yes, I want to write a new program in my head and heart: Gratitude. Always and everywhere and for everything. For I know: God is above all things and takes good care of me.
And another thing: I want to start praising Him more. I want to read or sing the Psalms, I want to hear the worship music and sing it with my heart, because I want to rewrite the program in my heart!
I praise Him for His grace and kindness, His mercy and patience, His kindness, gentleness, love, and care!
Oh how wonderful!  All nations will know and acknowledge Him! Then peace will finally come. Too many pass by Jesus carelessly; – it is our responsibility to present Jesus correctly so that people see Him instead of blaspheming about the churches.
O LORD, open people’s eyes to Your faithfulness and mercy! Don’t let them go to their own undoing! Help, give us the right words of love! and open their hearts to the gospel of salvation.

Yes, LORD, You are wonderful! Thank You for Your loyalty, which lasts for all eternities! Thank You for Your kindness today, for Your patience, for Your gentleness, for Your love that stands above this day.

Love – 2018.04.26

For I am certain:
Neither death nor life,
neither angels nor powers,
neither the present nor the future,
neither forces of height or depth
nor any other creature
can separate us from God’s love,
which is in Christ Jesus, our Lord.
Romans 8:38f.

Sometimes a mother sacrifices herself for her child and dies so that the child lives. But there aren’t many people who would die for someone else.
Who loves me so much he’d die for me? Probably no one.
But Jesus did it! Then, 2000 years ago, HE went on the cross and died to redeem me from death, sin and the power of darkness. He had no program to follow, no ideology to die for. It was love that drove him. He paid with His life the price for me to redeem me from death and ruin.
How much am I worth to him!!! If I ask the question somewhere else, the chemist comes and says: In him are chemicals of approximately one to two euros value. I’m worth a little more to my kids, to strangers, how much do I know? But no one would give His life.
But Jesus loved me so much. How much am I worth to him! All the other problems I have are trifles against the price that HE paid for me. Whether I am sick, whether I die, whether I need work…. everything are trifles against what HE saved me from, bought free from the power of darkness.
That is why I want to trust Him, Him who loved me so much and still loves me. He’ll never leave me or forget me. He gives me everything else I need; – it is not difficult for Him.
He redeemed me then, even though He already knew every day of my life. He knew that I am not always faithful, that I sometimes sin, sometimes go my own way and am defiant and opinionated, petty and self-pitying. And yet: HE has chosen me; – only out of love!

Thank you, Jesus! You really are love! I can trust you, yes, I can trust you with my life! You paid such a high price for me, you’ll give me everything else! LORD, I love you!!!

Delightful times – 2018.04.25

They will neither harm nor destroy
on all my holy mountains,
for the earth will be filled  
with the knowledge of the Lord
as the water covers the sea.
Isaiah 11:9

Oh what delightful times! Where the Lord is present we are fine. There is joy, mercy,peace, and gentleness. No lie, no deception! Inmidst of brothers and sisters you are safe and secure. There is only praising and dancing!
I read a book about the spiritual revival in Wales/England that took place about 100 years ago. The spirit of the Lord rested so powerfully on the people there, their fear of the Lord was so strong that the prisons were empty in these times, the pubs went bankrupt, the football fields remained empty. No bets were made any more. The casinos had to close. People wanted to live free of financial debt, did not borrow money anymore from the bank  The lending business came to an end. Even the doctors had less to do as illness was defeated ….
It was a wonderful time!
In South America there are cities where a lot of people are passionate Christians. It is amazing how substantially the number of crimes there decreases. Indeed there are prisons where the inmates convert to faith, let Jesus enter into their hearts and even pray for a restored world. In fact God reigns there; peace and freedom reigns in jail cells!
In slum areas where people were won for Jesus and became fiery Christians all dirt and rubbish were eliminated, the money was not invested anymore for alcohol drinks but instead for foodstuffs only. Their poor accomodation, small huts were cleaned and renovated, got hygienic. All in all the residents there felt better now!
Oh definitely the world would be better, a heavenly place, if we only would look at Jesus, accept Him as our Lord. How great would the children grow up if we are serious with Jesus, would bring them up in His name. Then there would be no quarrel as pride and stubbornness are gone. There will be no room for self-pity which leads into depression. The roots of bitterness will be torn out because forgiveness is victorious. And nobody will gossip about others.
With the power of the Holy Spirit we can start to create these blissful, paradisiacal conditions already now: Let us follow Jesus! Let Him be Lord! Master of our emotions, thinking, mind, and physical body, of our purse and desires, Then heaven opens and revival is there where we just are.

Thank You, Jesus, that you are present. You are still the same, have not changed! You are the same here as in South America, or Wales; You cause revival if we hear your voice and follow You. Yes Lord, I will be your child and your disciple.

He looks for me – 2018.04.24

For this is what the Sovereign Lord says:
I myself will search for my sheep and look after them…..
I will search for the lost ……..
Ezekiel 34: 11, 16

God looks for us! He does not have the necessity to run behind us. We should run behind Him! And yet, He knows us, and knows how we have lost our way. He knows that if He does not search and find us, we will remain lost.
Every morning He waits for us, that we say Good Morning and connect with Him. He stands by our side the whole day and waits for our thanks and our questions. He watches us, regardless of where we hide; in a high-rise building, where hundreds of people live and where everyone is anonymous, He searches for us and finds us. There is no solitude, He is there.
He looks for us, in order that we have life. He wants to overwhelm us with blessings. It is love that provokes Him. Where are the children?
There is so much where God can give us good help. And yet we try to do it alone. How much work and hardship would we save, if we would do everything immediately together with God. If we have such difficult questions, we can turn to God. It may be that we have to wait a few days for the answer, but these Times of speaking with God forms us and makes us stronger. For thus says the LORD to the house of Israel, “Seek Me that you may live” (Amos 5;4).

Yes Lord, I want to look for you, your answer and your help. I want to look for you myself and see how you are. You are the life, without you I am lost in the chaos of the world. I have hopelessness when I lose you. I want to hold fast onto you and talk to you about everything. How great it is that you give me answers. How great that you look for me and look in every hole until you find me!