The Tiger – March 31, 2018

… But if you do not do what is right, sin is crouching at your door; it desires to have you, but you must rule over it!
1. Moses, Genesis, 4, 7

A few weeks ago I read an article about a zoo keeper, who went into the tigers’ cage of the zoo and was mauled by the tigers. This morning I thought of this coincidence again.
How can something like this happen? I imagine that this zoo keeper had a broken family and no real home, and that she was lonely. Therefore, she bond with the tigers, petted them trough the safety fence, and talked to them friendly. She felt understood by them, and was disappointed by humans. So she fantasized walking through town with the tigers, or sitting among them in the cage fondling them. News and newspapers would report on that and she would get attention and admiration! She secluded herself from society more and more, until she tried and went into the cage. But the „friendly“ tigers mauled her.
So it is with sin. We live in a world full of lies. Sin is never harmless. Firstly, you play around with it and it seems to satisfy our desires. But soon, you are caught and can’t escape anymore. Then, you will ignore your guilty conscience, so that you can live with the sin. But sin will tear its prey like a tiger.
The same applies to lying. It starts with little white lies. You realize that is isn’t right. Next time, you lie again, and so it goes on until you begin to fight against it. Or you will become a notorious liar, not being able to tell the truth anymore. Sexuality, drinking, smoking, thoughts of revenge, craving for recognition, abuse of power, money, and self-pity are other examples where Christians are defeated. They are still Christians, but caught in sin and torn apart by it.
How good it is that Jesus is our Lord! HE carried carried our sin at the cross! It has no power over us, as long as we stay close to Jesus. HE is willing to forgive us when we are caught in devils net. HE releases and redeems! Turn to the Lord again, and stay close to HIM! HE loves you, even if you have done bad things.

Thank you Jesus for your salvation! Help me to be cautious so that sin cannot rule over me! Warn me before it is too late! And show me where I am in danger. I want to stay close to YOU, for YOU mean well for me.


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