A fundamentalist – 2018.03.20

… and the winds blew and beat against the house, yet it did not fall, because it had its foundation on the rock.
Matthew 7:25

Fundamentalist has become a swearword for Christians. It refers to an  uncompromising approach to fundamental issues. But often it is just against this different opinion. A lot of people act and talk in a manner that if you don’t agree with me, you are an extreme left or right, a conservative, a fundamentalist, etc. It is difficult to talk to these people, they are too convinced of their own opinion about freedom and liberality. Somehow you get the feeling that you stand in their way and are shouted down.
But actually fundamentalist is a fine word. It means we have a solid foundation, namely Jesus. This is the reason for our faith and HE is our goal.
We Christians tend to cast our views into stone and would preferably make them universal to all other people. But that’s not possible.
God’s Spirit places His Law in our hearts so that we have difficulty going against it. Lying, cheating and everything against God is hard for us. The Holy Spirit watches over us. And if we do sin, the Spirit of truth immediately convicts us and we feel guilty until we can again claim Jesus’ forgiveness. We do not need these laws in writing, but in our hearts!
We cannot impose our knowledge on others, we can only be witnesses of God’s good commandments.
I read an article in the paper. The reporters had visited a “fundamentalist” and were amazed at how warm and friendly this woman was. They wrote a very warm, benevolent article about the meeting. There were about 1700 comments, so an astonishing number. I read 50 or 60. They were almost all the same. There was a great allergy to everything Christian and people were upset about little things, many things were misunderstood or taken out of context. What are these allergies? Probably the writers had had bad experiences with forceful Christians and had given their hearts some air. How is it possible for children to learn their parent’s faith if their parents only ever argue or even cheat? When parents lie and faith is just a facade? Children notice this quickly and thus quickly throw away any beliefs based on law.
We are glad to have a living foundation, Jesus Christ. On Him we can build our lives. It lasts, even when the storms rage. It is this life with Jesus that we want to convey, not the dead laws. And let us pray for our children! But we don’t want to threaten them with beliefs, we don’t want to frighten and force them.

Thank you Jesus, faith liberates! We no longer need laws, for You are in our hearts. We want to live with You and radiate Your goodness. We don’t need to argue or shout. But we need You, You alone!


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