Filled with the Spirit, spiritless or false spirit – 2018.03.16

Keep your spiritual fervour, serving the LORD!
Romans 12:11b

Some years back there was still a lot of fierce debate and a lot of controversy about whether or not you have to be “baptized in the spirit”. Who is the better Christian, the one with the Holy Spirit or the one without? Are the others even filled with the Holy Spirit? What is spiritual baptism?
Nowadays we are a little more lenient in our views on this matter.
First of all, Jesus is the Saviour and Lord. He saves us completely, without compromises. This is the foundation of our faith. But then it goes a step further in faith.  This is called growth and sanctification.
Many Christians are baptized with the Holy Spirit and they remember this event very well. It is not conversion, but the fulfilment with God’s presence.
But there are also many Christians who have never had such an experience and are still good Christians, burning for the Lord’s cause.
Yes, the Lord works on us through the Holy Spirit. First He draws us to Himself, so that we can convert to Jesus. And then He accompanies us for a lifetime and helps us. I know many Christians who are not baptized with the Holy Spirit, but who still practice gifts and where the fruit of the Spirit is strong. God works strongly through them.
It’s like water: there is humidity everywhere, even in the desert, and so we are constantly surrounded by water. And sometimes there is rain or we are in the shower. There is much more water, visible and noticeable! And sometimes we bathe, completely surrounded by water and sheltered in it. Perhaps this is a good example of the Holy Spirit. He works on all people. Some want more and stand in His rain. And some get even more and bathe in the Holy Spirit.
All this is not a question of evaluation at all, who is better, who is more important, who works better for Jesus, who prays better, and so on.
It is a question of tools for our faith. God offers us the help of the Spirit, as we read in Acts and also in the Gospels. Whoever seizes it and is penetrated by the spirit has a wonderful help! But he must not look down on others and try to change them. And the others must not judge him as if he had a false spirit. There is no more malevolent condemnation than to say he has a spirit from below, a lying spirit from the devil.
Dear brothers and sisters, let us stand together! Together we pull for the Lord Jesus! We need each other! Give thanks to the LORD for everything and for all brothers and sisters, and forgive them if they condemn, judge or annoy in any other way! The LORD is Judge, not us. Love each other! Be fervent for Jesus, the Saviour and Lord!

Thank you, Jesus! You are my Saviour!


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