Sex a gift of God – 2018.03.14

That is why a man leaves his father and mother
and is united to his wife,
and they become one flesh.
Genesis 2:24

God had created sexuality. He has blessed us by that with the most precious, connecting us with heavenly places. Sex is therefore basically good, a sacred secret!
However the devil, the ape of God, an imitator and deceiver is copying everything that God had created and twisting it to the negative.
God gave us the prophecy, the devil the fortune tellers. God gave the stars to mark sacred times, days and years, the devil  astrology and horoscopes. God gives us dreams for the good, the enemy for evil. Music in itself is divine. But as marching music it could lead us to death makes us ready to kill with its war drums. Musik can provoke utmost aggressivity.
But mostly the devil prefers to pevert the holiness of sexual love. In a true Christian marriage sex is giving a taste of heavenly places. But the enemy perverted same to a daily pleasure, as a kind of sportive activity in competition among each other. Sex finally degenerates into pornography, having even intercourse with animals.
A marriage is brought nearer to heaven by a good sexual life. It is the same power of love that unites Jesus with His church. Nowhere there is such an intimate and profound community. He, Jesus, is faithful, always there for you, never forgets you. Could any husband be like Him in this attitude? He cares for you, knows you by your pet name. So the loving wife should do it as well. He serves us in humility, gives us everything. How can we just ignore that and act differently on the beloved spouse?
The modern forms of sexuality do not reflect that all. Urgently we should recognize that marriage and sex are a gift of God and that we meet as a spouse with the appropriate love and respect having Jesus inmidst of us in partnership and always as No. 1.  Let us light the love to Him again.

Thank You, Jesus, You overflow us with many beautiful presents. You give us a pre taste of heaven. Please help me to live according to Your will. There are so many derailments and errors, deformations and perversions! Keep me from that! Be at my side when I am tempted! Thank you for all Your gifts!  They are for me pieces of heaven on earth.


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