Faith – 2018.03.13

Abraham believed God, and it was credited to him as righteousness.
Romans 4,3

What is necessary to be righteous before God? What do we need to be friends with God? How do we get the peace that God gives? When are we harmoniously one, God and I?
This is only possible through faith. Faith is not an opinion about God or anything, but trust in Him, trusting Him. This faith releases energy for action! Faith without works is dead faith.
Abraham walked away from all the certainties of his kin, away from all the certainties of his city and set off for an unknown land. He only had God’s word that he relied on. Already his father Terach was to move to Canaan, but he stopped halfway and made himself comfortable in Haran. But Abraham went on to the promised land. Faith and trust in God releases energy and courage to act.
The forgiveness of God for our sins only becomes effective in us when we trust in it. Joy comes only when we seize it and believe Him. Peace will only come when we cling to His heart.
Actions of faith happen first within us. We decide if we believe Him. And this faith brings into force the heavenly realities within us.
Only then can we go out and do deeds of faith. Mission, teaching, teaching of little children, participation in the church, everything goes well when faith is realized within us.
Be courageous, take God’s word for yourself! Be even more courageous and take God by the word of your deeds and actions! HE never leaves us disappointed.
HE lets faith grow in us if we are willing to and do not always toss and turn in the same misery. Lift up your eyes to the LORD, and then stand up, trust Him and HE will act in you and through you.

Thank you Jesus, You are the best example of trust and faith for me. You listened to God and HE has listened to you. Like You, I will consecrate my life to God and belong to Him. I want to trust Him and His Word.


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