The Tiger – March 31, 2018

… But if you do not do what is right, sin is crouching at your door; it desires to have you, but you must rule over it!
1. Moses, Genesis, 4, 7

A few weeks ago I read an article about a zoo keeper, who went into the tigers’ cage of the zoo and was mauled by the tigers. This morning I thought of this coincidence again.
How can something like this happen? I imagine that this zoo keeper had a broken family and no real home, and that she was lonely. Therefore, she bond with the tigers, petted them trough the safety fence, and talked to them friendly. She felt understood by them, and was disappointed by humans. So she fantasized walking through town with the tigers, or sitting among them in the cage fondling them. News and newspapers would report on that and she would get attention and admiration! She secluded herself from society more and more, until she tried and went into the cage. But the „friendly“ tigers mauled her.
So it is with sin. We live in a world full of lies. Sin is never harmless. Firstly, you play around with it and it seems to satisfy our desires. But soon, you are caught and can’t escape anymore. Then, you will ignore your guilty conscience, so that you can live with the sin. But sin will tear its prey like a tiger.
The same applies to lying. It starts with little white lies. You realize that is isn’t right. Next time, you lie again, and so it goes on until you begin to fight against it. Or you will become a notorious liar, not being able to tell the truth anymore. Sexuality, drinking, smoking, thoughts of revenge, craving for recognition, abuse of power, money, and self-pity are other examples where Christians are defeated. They are still Christians, but caught in sin and torn apart by it.
How good it is that Jesus is our Lord! HE carried carried our sin at the cross! It has no power over us, as long as we stay close to Jesus. HE is willing to forgive us when we are caught in devils net. HE releases and redeems! Turn to the Lord again, and stay close to HIM! HE loves you, even if you have done bad things.

Thank you Jesus for your salvation! Help me to be cautious so that sin cannot rule over me! Warn me before it is too late! And show me where I am in danger. I want to stay close to YOU, for YOU mean well for me.

A new person – 2018.03.30

… and have put on the new self, which is being renewed in knowledge in the image of its Creator.
Colossians 3:10

It is possible to become a new person! How many people wish they could start all over again. Well, with Jesus it’s possible!
This renewal begins when we receive Jesus into our hearts and allow Him to work in us, to reshape us, to take possession of us. It goes on by pushing back our old, egocentric self and no longer listening to its desires, envy and lies. This renewal is a process, but step by step we become more similar in character to the Lord. Step by step we recognize Him more and more, and HE transforms us more and more into His image, as it was planned in creation.
It is possible to leave the past behind. Jesus’ forgiveness is so comprehensive that it makes it possible. Some of the guilt we need make up for ourselves, but God erases everything from His memory that was evil, HE forgets it completely.
Now HE can use all our wrong ways, these bad experiences, in order to build His Kingdom. Those things I did wrong then, can be used today to warn or understand others, to be patient and loving to them.
Nothing is useless and in vain that once was. He uses it. He has always watched over us, it is in His will to form and shape us.
Everything will be renewed. Our feelings will become new. Joy sets in, peace accompanies us. At night we can finally sleep peacefully in Him. The loneliness gives way. He has understanding for us and a strong yes for us: you are wanted, you are My child, I love you!
God’s Spirit makes us capable of loving those we once hated. He makes us able to pray for intercession instead of revenge. Everything in us becomes new, so that we recognize Him more and more and become more like Him.
Who doesn’t want to be like Jesus? Full of patience, gentleness, strength, faith, mercy, grace, forgiveness, love and discipline? With Him it is possible to start a new life. Are you willing??

Thank you Jesus, you make me new! There are still some areas in which I need renewal. But there are already many things you have renewed! And that’s wonderful!! Please, come back into my heart, reign there and make me a new person!

God’s Fire – 29.03.2018

Jesus says:
I’ve come to throw fire on the earth. How glad I would be, it would burn already!
Luke 12:49

Jesus wants us to burn for him. He wants us to fill with God’s love so that we are flames for Him.
He is the hope not just for us but for the whole world; – He is the Saviour and Redeemer, the solution.
Why do so many people still starve to death? Why are there merciless civil wars? Why does one beat the other to death? Why so many suicides? Why so many mentally ill people? Why, why, why… Where’s the answer?
We humans have tried many programs; – communism, socialism, Christian market economy… and we have placed our hope in leaders: Mao, Hitler, Stalin…. everything and everyone disappointed us, they actually made it worse.
And there Jesus is and says: I am the light of the world. I am hope. I am the road to peace. I am the Saviour, the solution. Me, and me alone.
Is Jesus megalomaniac? No, he is the Son of God. He keeps his promises!
That is why we want to expect everything from Him, for ourselves and for other people, even for the whole world.
There, where He may be Lord, unrestrained joy spreads. There is forgiveness, there are former enemies in each other’s arms. Mercy reigns there with the outcasts, the sick, the weak, children and the elderly. There is love between people, even between spouses. If only the love of Jesus would penetrate us so strongly!
The fire of God is already burning in some cities. When it was burning in Wales about a hundred years ago, the prisons became empty, there was no need to lock the front doors, the pubs went bankrupt, on Sundays people went to the lively church services and not to football…. It was a great event! The love and joy of God made lies and theft impossible, it encompassed whole villages and cities, and to this day one can find the traces of this revival.

Jesus, I want to burn for You. Yes, I know I will burn, but I want to dedicate my life to you. Because you loved me first, with a hot, boundless love. You are there, my Saviour and Redeemer, and let the whole world know: You are the Saviour!!

“An open Heart” – 2018.03.28

A woman named Lydia… listened; she was a worshiper of God.
The Lord opened her heart to respond Paul`s message.
Acts 16:14

Yesterday I was in a meeting where some people witnessed how Jesus came into their hearts, how God had led them to faith. This was accompanied by  passionate worship music. The Holy Spirit was allowed to move and to do His service. Some participants were touched by that and began to weep. Later they came forward to pray. What a comfort when the Holy Spirit works! How purifying, liberating and tender is He!
He consoles, strengthens the faith, frees from sin, invites to come into the presence of God, touches you with His love, is able to change the lost, make them children of God.
In fact, some of the visitors I have seen some time before rather grumpy, closed, bad-tempered, without hope. And now they suddenly appear to be satisfied, their faces shines reflecting the light of God. They praise the name of Jesus.
How fascinating it is when the Holy Spirit comes into action and opens the eyes for Jesus, releases from bondage, creates a new being who has hope, is now full of joy.
We can not do that by ourselves. That`s purely the work of the Holy Spirit. He alone can draw men to Jesus. It is Him who gives power to the sermons. It is Him who opened the heart of Lydia as He also draw all other people to the Lord. It is extremely sad when someone hardens his heart and does not realize that the Holy Spirit wants to work with him.
When God touches us we will give room to our joy and let flow our tears and will not block His work, the work of healing, redemption, and restauration. Hope and new life is only in Him!
We do not want to annoy people with pious empty words, to harass them with great arguments. We, ourselves, are not able to lead people to God. That is the work of the Holy Spirit. We will pray for that continuously. We will pray for our loved ones, for our surrounding, for the whole world. We want to be a witness of all what He has done for us. We want to see how God opens hearts and creates new life. Wonderful and great is He! Our prayers are not in vain and our testimonies will change hearts. He takes care of that. He is with us!

Thank You, Jesus! You have opened my heart and can do the same with others. You have chosen me and can also draw other to You. I will keep on praying for my loved ones and want to witness Your miracles.  

Forgiven and Forgotten – 2018.03.27

But if we confess our sins, he is faithful and just to forgive us our sins and cleanse us from everything we’ve done wrong.
1 John 1:9

He forgives my debt, sin and failure! All that I confess Him, He forgives. He does not apologize or trivialize my failure, but deletes it completely; He forgets and sinks my debts into the deepest sea and provides a shield: Fishing forbidden! Yes, it is wonderful, the Lord will delete all of my offenses and will no longer remember them.
But that’s not because I’m actually a fine, good, wonderful person who only sins occasionally. No, sin, this tendency to be against God and His Word, is sitting deep in my heart. Again and again the rebellion against God flames up and we easily go astray, if we do not keep firmly in Jesus. We are not able to be as we actually should! Read it in 1 Corinthians 13 of how little use it is, when you always try to be perfect. And then read about the characteristics of love. We are not able to love with this divine love, just as we should. This can only be God Himself, and when He reigns in our hearts, He makes it through us.
He forgives me for His sake. He is faithful and just. With him, words and actions are congruent. He does not act differently than what He says and promises. With Him you can find one hundred percent loyalty and justice. He is not capricious and ” I love you sometimes and sometimes you don’t matter to me”. He is immutable.
He has redeemed us from the rights that the devil owns of us. This has cost Him His Son – Jesus died for us at the cross. He has paid such a high price for us. Will He ever forget us? No, we are so much worth to Him as much He has paid for us!
If He forgives and forgets our sins completely, may we still think about themf? No, we would offend Him! If He forgives my brother’s sins, may I be so petty and accuse Him with his fault? No, otherwise it could be that Jesus no longer forgives me.
He wants us to be pure, holy and just. Therefore He reveals our sins and errors. Because then He can forgive them and heal us from it. We have many hidden defects, selfishness, pride, rebellion, unbelief, envy, bitterness … Sometimes our siblings help us to see our own fault. Then we do not want to be offended.

Thank you, Jesus, You completely forgive and forget my fault! How should I completely grasp this? Thank you, now I’m utterly pure and sanctified from You again – Undeserved, just because of Your grace. Explore me where is still sin in the depths of my heart: Rebellion, pride, bitterness, envy … Bring it to light, so that it can be forgiven and healed. Thanks, You are the God who is very kind to me.

Healing of the Heart – 2018.03.26

Isn’t there a balm in Gilead? Isn’t there a surgeon there? Why doesn’t the wound of my daughter, my people, close?
Jeremiah 8:22

Years ago I liked to hear a Spiritual: There is a balm in Gilead to heal the sin-sick soul. Today this song lay in my ear all day. And today this song was in my ear all day.

It is beautiful that there is balm for the soul, healing for the sick heart! Mental pain is worse than physical pain.
How good that Jesus is our balm, our medicine for the heart! He knows exactly when we need comfort and support and he knows how to comfort and straighten us up! He looks into the deepest depths of our soul and knows all injuries, shocks, separations, all woe is known to Him, every emotion of our heart HE knows. Because HE is very interested in us because He loves us so much!
If we stick to Him and put into practice what He says and what is in the Bible, the healing process starts. So much is written about thanks and gratitude in the Bible! So much for forgiving the one who caused us pain! So much about God’s healing love! If only we could implement it… Yeah, love heals our hearts. It is poured out in our hearts by the Holy Spirit, as it says in the Letter to the Romans.
There was an experiment in old Prussia. In a children’s home, the nurses were not allowed to speak a word to the babies or give them strokes, a word and a sign of love and care, only changing diapers and feeding. But the children withered away and died like flowers without sun. A bad experiment!
I saw a video of the baby cuddler. Every morning a pensioner goes happily to the children’s hospital. The best work of his life awaits him there. He goes into the room of the infants who don’t stand a chance. There his rocking chair stands and he takes the children on his lap, strokes them, sings them songs, talks to them and looks at them. He always prays for these little worms until he is sure that they are going to Jesus. That’s what makes him so happy, so steadfast. Yes, Jesus is the friend of children!
That’s what God does to us. Our heart and soul are permeated and deformed through and through by sin and pain. But the love and patience, kindness and goodness of our Lord heal them step by step. HE is the sun our soul reaches out to. He is balm for the poor heart. Listen to Him! Reach out to him! He will work wonders in your heart.

Thank Jesus for finding You! Yes, you’re healing all my wounds. Step by step you go with me to healing. You have a good program: love, boundless love and acceptance. Oh, I’m fine with you!!

“Christian Weakness” – 2018.03.25

But I will leave within you the meek and the humble,
the remnant of Isreal, seeking refuge in the name of the Lord.
Zephaniah 3:12

The Lord sees exactly whether His people are looking for Him, or are only interested in benefiting from His goodness. He checks the hearts whether they are humble or boastful. He alone wants to be King in their hearts and jealously watches whether another governs there and robs Him of honor.
There are so many Christian videos on the internet about preaching and church services, etc. You immediately can find out whether someone puts himself in the focus making people dependent on himself, or whether he does his service humbly blessed by God. Some really think to be the channel of grace and say to the listeners: When I pray for you then miracles happen, healings and liberations. They have a good marketing and know how to move people to cheer them. But God can not be fooled. He will remove these “heroes” from the herd.
He likes the meek and humble who are totally dependent on Him. He watches them with special care. He appreciates when they trust Him and ask Him for help and is glad to receive their thanks for that, being lifted up in it. Yes, there He dwells inmidst of them. There His temple is!
The majority of God`s people have not understood it yet. They continue marching to the big assemblies of the “heroes”. God wishes to tell them: I am here, now and forever! Everywhere I am the same! But the people look for the great and exciting.
God wants that we are totally dependent on Him and not on human beings how good they may be. He wishes that we again begin to seek only Him and expect everything from Him. He is the same yesterday, today, and tomorrow and in all eternity.
When you belong to the meek and humble, knowing that without God you can do nothing, then you are right and safe. He surely will let Himself be found, will hear your prayers. Go into your own prayer room at home and pour out your heart before Him. He will care for you tenderly. Be just like a little child and He will make you great. What kind of father He would be if He would not defend His meek and humble children. He will do everything for them as He already has done it for His Son.

Thank You, Jesus, You never let me alone. Even when I am weak, I am strong in you! Thank You, you hear my prayers! Thank You, You provide me with everything necessary. You love me, help me, are kind to me and always surround me with your loving care. You are my Lord close to me with Your love, mercy and grace.