Joy against gloom – 2018.02.14

Rejoice in the Lord always!
I will say it again: Rejoice!
Philippians 4:4

Bad habits you learn within 3 days, but good behavior, good words you learn at best in three weeks… so people told me once.
It is similar with joy. We quickly get used to criticize to find out the imperfect. But very very slowly we learn to think positively, to rejoice. Somehow the good does not want to come into our mind but the bad the faster.
One morning when I got up I in vain looked for the coffee. It was still dark outside, raining, very cold, really depressing! I already saw all the puddles which I certainly will step into. In the bathroom the toothpaste tube was smudged by the children. And where they have put aside my shoes? And the dog, I have to go outside with him in the cold – oh no!
Within the first 5 to 10 minutes I was sure this day is going to be cruel. Everything is against me! And indeed the whole day was a catastrophe.1000 little things annoyed me. How happy I was when the day was over and I could crawl into the warm bed.
However, the Lord did not let me sleep. He simply said: It was your fault, my son, that this day was not going well. Then I let the day pass again before my eyes. In fact I was highly negatively programmed from the very beginning.
The next morning I took care to look at everything the other way round: No coffee? No problem, there is still tea to drink. And the dog? Oh good, he did not make anything dirty during the night. And the rain? It will pass away and everthing will dry again. Thank You Lord, You helped me. Without You one will not learn to think positively. Since He is my Lord who rules over all little things joy spreads in my heart. Joy and gratitude, both go hand in hand. Now it may rain, storm and snow – the Lord is Lord! And I am His child. How good it is to be grateful, how releasing to rejoice always. No dependencies on circumstances! Even in darkness and distress you may rejoice! He always is Lord!

Thank You Jesus! You still are Lord! Sometimes trivial matters still annoy and discourage me. However, with Your help and with the right attitude of faith I will overcome. So many good things await me. But the most important thing is that You are with me always. Thank You!


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