Hustle and Bustle – 2018.02.11

The Lord is my shepherd,
I shall not be in want.
He makes me lie down in green pastures,
He leads me beside quiet waters.
Psalm 23, 1f.

Many people complain constant adjustment, excessive requirements, and much stress. A little bit of all is not bad, however, if you are constantly asked to give more than you can, that does not work. Sometimes we put us under pressure ourselves, somtimes other people are stressing us. Jesus does not want that.
There are also people who are too calm and relaxed in a lukewarm way. Then there is too much emptiness and they basically feel useless. Jesus does not want that.
Even in hectic times He wants to give us a break, a chance to rest to seek His proximity. Refreshed by Him we can carry on. However if the stress does not stopp we should reconsider our lifestyle. What are the reasons for the stress? How we can get out of this devil circle? It could be that we are thinking in a wrong way, or we are simply in a wrong place. Jesus wants to give us wisdom and decisiveness, wants to change our situation, wants to correct our wrong thinking – for instance if we are overextending ourselves and cannot let off.He wishes us to be stable, to withstand pressure and chaos and to be calm inmidst of storm. He wants us to come to a place of rest beside quiet waters where we can lie down in green pastures to restore our soal. In Him there is refuge even in greatest stress!
If life is too monotonous without any challenges and you feel bored, Jesus likes to change that if you are willing. Please be His servant again, lift up your eyes to Him and listen to His voice. He will certainly guide you in a way that you will realize the value of your life again.
He wants to make our life meaningful. We should not ruin our health and ernergy through stress, but to fill decisively our time with good deeds instead.
He wants to make our life rich! If we are killing time with trivialities He is always keen to revive us, to give us new goals what is worth living for. He is our shepherd who makes our life happy and useful.

Thank you, my good Shepherd, that you are here. You are guiding me if I listen to you. You will bring me to places of rest, to green pastures. You strengthen and encourage me. You set me meaningful goals, life get precious with You. Thank you, You care for me fatherly.


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