The big celebration – 2018.02.10

The wedding feast is ready, …Go to the main roads and invite to the wedding feast as many as you find.
Matthew 22, 8

God wants to celebrate a big feast – wedding of His Son. HE invites everybody who serves in His kingdom. But they don’t want to come, they have so much important things to do! Then HE sends His servants so they could invite everybody they meet, good and bad, and the feast room fills with guests.
When I meet old friends I am very glad. We hug each other and feel good! But sometimes we meet an old friend toward whom we have behaved not right. Remembrance of our own failure comes to mind and we think: what is he thinking about me? But on friends feast of God everything is clear and open – Friend can read my thoughts and He thinks: I forgave you long ago and am glad to see you! Oh, what a relief! And then I see somebody who made bad things to me. But before thoughts of revenge come, a stream of love to him fills me and I take his hand, forgive him and say that I am very glad to see him. It is like that in God’s kingdom, on wedding feast and even now: We are in friendly harmony with each other which can not be expressed with words. The joy is so overwhelming that we can’t do anything else, just rejoice in Jesus, God and all the people. The joy knows no limits!
God prepares this heavenly feast and invites us. And we want to invite others there. It will be wonderful!
Now His servants draw through our land and invite already. Now they meet each other and celebrate together, and God is in the middle of them. The stream of people who join this triumphal procession will increase more and more. The joy comes and the feast begins already. HE will wake up His folk! Everybody is invited, good and bad people. But some people who look godly, holy and worthy, don’t accept the invitation. Likewise back then religious people, Pharisees and Scribes didn’t want to listen to Jesus, so today there are many religious people who don’t have any relationship with Jesus and who don’t hear His invitation. They have more important things to do. We don’t want to be stopped by them but we want to bring the invitation to all the people and to be first on the God’s feast. God waits for us!

Thank you, Jesus, that I can come to Your feast. You are pleased with me! I am not super godly. But I love You and rejoice in You. You are my King, and I will come to Your wedding feast gladly!


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