Evil rumours – 2018.02.06

How abundant are the good things
that you have stored up for those who fear you,   …
you keep them safe in your dwelling
from accusing tongues.
Psalm 31,19f.

It is almost unbearable for us when other people speak badly of us and make lies. You can’t fight it! And everyone seems believe those lies gladly. How quickly you become an outcast because everyone knows these rumours.
How quick it is to beat up a person just by spreading bad rumours. There is no safer way to take revenge.
It hurts our pride considerably, shakes it in its core. And God permits it! Maybe it’s His therapy for our pride. How we wish we could be a good, kind, friendly, helpful person, a good Christian and family father, a faithful parishioner. And then these rumours come… and there’s nothing we can do about it. People want to believe it.
Some go against it and defend themselves. But unfortunately, usually without success. Some people say it’s best to ignore them, things will calm down eventually. That works sometimes. And others cast their burdens on the LORD, for they know that He will take care of them. With Him they are safe from bickering tongues, safe as if under His roof.
What we have laboriously built up may shatter to pieces. But God also knows it, and HE could prevent it or make up for it, if HE wanted it. But sometimes it is much more important to Him that we seek Him and cling to Him, that we deal our pride, our vulnerability and sensitivity a death blow. How can God bring honour to us when we seek our glory from other people? If HE is our resting place, everything revolves around Him and we can accept what He decides. HE prunes the vine so that it yields more fruit. And HE places us in the place where we bring the expected fruit. We want to look away from ourselves at Jesus, the beginner and perfector of faith and remember how many evil rumours and words there were about Him. Then we will be able to accept it.

Thank you Jesus, for standing by me! I flee to you when the evil tongues are at work, making me look bad. I am safe with you, even from the bickering of tongues. I want to go my way with you and not always follow my sensitivities and honour. You’ll make it all right!


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