At dawn – 2018.02.05

After the Sabbath, in the dawn of the first day of the week, Mary came from Magdala and the other Mary to look for the tomb. ….
And the angel of the LORD said to the women: Do not be afraid! I know you are looking for Jesus, the crucified one. HE is not here; for HE is risen. …
 …. they hurried with fear and great joy to His disciples to tell them the message.
Matthew 28,1.5f. 8

It‘s a great blessing to seek the Lord early in the morning. Then you get the right direction and attitude for the day! Then you are prepared for the attacks of enemy and man. Then you are strengthened, have courage and joy.

It seems to me that nothing is more important if one wants to remain a Christian and not fall back into shallow Christianity, like many others. In silence – at night or in the early morning – God manifests himself. There we receive guidance for today, for tomorrow and for our whole life.
Some try to fight their way through the day, others fight their whole lives. How easy it is to place all your worries and burdens on the LORD, for he has promised: I care for you; I will never forget or leave you. What do we want more than a carefree life! Jesus has it ready for us. Gifts are free of charge, but you have to pick them up anyway. If you want a carefree life, pick it up with Jesus in the morning! The women came to the tomb, and how happy they were to go home! That’s life in faith.
We do not want to seek Jesus the Crucified, but Jesus, the living Lord! HE is very much different from what many churches teach us. HE is alive, He acts, HE releases, HE heals, HE gives hope! Let Him live in your heart, let Him be the greatest there! and HE will do everything wonderfully. In Him, do not be afraid!

Thank you, Jesus! You didn’t stay in the grave, but were resurrected and alive! You are the mighty Son of God who works miracles all over the world. You are the Savior, Redeemer, Helper and Friend of the people! I entrust my life to you; I seek your instruction in the early morning, for you are the LORD and shall it remain so.


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