New Hope! – 2018.01.25

…. When the disciples had closed the doors for fear of the Jews, Jesus came and stood in their midst and said to them: Peace be upon you!
John 20:19

Jesus had died miserable at the cross.  the disciples were deeply disappointed and
distraught. But Jesus showed himself some of them and the hope grew. It was not a concrete hope, but at least it was a hope. One time when they were together they locked the door for they were afraid of the Jews; – their heart had not yet become new. But Jesus went through closed doors and walls and suddenly he was in the middle of them. Peace be upon you! Jesus loved the fellowship with his disciples. They often had disappointed him but He still loved them. They were children of God sometimes naive and simple-minded, sometimes proud and cheeky.
But He saw them as His beloved children and could excuse everything.
when the disciples saw the Lord their questions fell silent and the despair gave way. They still have no answers but they had Jesus. I also can’t answer anything my children ask but they trust me without understanding it. Together we are strong! – that’s such a catchword.
But it’s true: Together with Jesus we are strong!
The fear disappears when he reigns in our heart. The loneliness is gone. Hopelessness is transformed into joy. Disappointment becomes peace and courage. The fellowship with him makes us new people! There are less belief principles that we should believe.
But one thing is certainly the foundation of our faith: it is the living person and presence of Jesus. We believe in him, not not phrases, rituals or officially appointed people. He is the Lord, helper, deliverer and friend. He is good to me!

Oh Lord, in your presence every question falls silent and my heart finds rest. You are the answer to all my longings and calls! In you alone I am truly safe and secure, reassured and comforted. You are my hope!


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