Persecution – 2018.01.11

Blessed are you when, for my sake, you are insulted and persecuted and slandered in all manner of ways. Be happy and rejoice: Your reward in heaven will be great. For so the prophets were persecuted before you.
Matthew 5,11f.

You know that there is a fight between darkness and light. The evil fights against the only good one, God. He has his adherent and God has his children. In them the fight takes place. Whoever does not have the light sits in darkness.
When you turn off the lights in the evening it’s dark. There’s no more lights. It’s just the same with the lights of the world: If you turn it off, darkness comes. God is gone and with him everything he created and well liked: Joy, Peace, and real love, mercy, kindness, patience, gentleness. Everything disappears, if God is not allowed to rule.
The children of the world are ruled by their god.
That’s not so obvious, but in one thing take notice of it: They hate Jesus. They are very biased against Him and make all kinds of arguments in order not to believe in Him. They see every little mistake and like to believe all the gossip about Christians. It’s terrible what we have to hear sometimes.
Because Satan hates Jesus, he incites his followers to hate the Christians. How many of them have been stoned or burnt, only because they were Christians!
If this is what happens to you now, persecuted, misunderstood, insulted and slandered, you are in the right company. This happened to Jesus, Paul and all the other apostles and every Christian, who loves the Lord Jesus.
One of his disciples once said at noon:”I’m kind of wrong. Nobody called me names, nobody spat at me or hit me today. Lord, what is the matter with me? He knew if he tells about Jesus, prays and follows him with all his heart, the enemy’s resistance comes automatically.
If we’re being prosecuted for lies, theft or fraud, that’s probably true, right? But if the people hate us because we have Jesus in our heart, we should be proud. He endured it, and we can do it the same way. He is with us and He fully compensates for the lack of justice and love.

Thank you Jesus! This is the way I know that I’m your disciple. If nobody hates me because of you, I’m not dangerous for the enemy. But I want to be proud to follow you even if I’m being persecuted and slandered. Yes, it hurts Lord but the only thing that gets hurt is my vanity. But I still wanna be yours because you love me endlessly.


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