Answer to Prayer – 2018.01.10

Jesus says:
 If you remain in me and my words remain in you,
ask whatever you wish,
and it will be done for you!
John 15:7

There are many promises in the Bible that God answer our prayers. Mostly the condition is that you believe: It will be done  as you believe! Answers to prayer and faith are closely connected. We have to study all passages of the Bible, all statements of Jesus about prayer in order not to be disappointed. How often people lament: Oh, how many times I asked God for something with tears and in great intensity and He did not answer!
Forget the above and just believe that God will heal you and you are practically healed! If you trust God for money, success and welfare He surely will give it to you. There are reliable examples for that. But due to lack of faith there is great insecurity in us and feelings of failure.
It is not that easy. You cannot create faith by your own. You can try hard as you like, it remains a self-persuade.
Faith is a gift of the Holy Spirit. Only He can release the faith in us that we need to receive a prayer answer as He is one with God.
Thirdly, many are fighting for answers as if God would be stingy and had to be harassed again and again with their wishes until they are fulfilled. How childish!
Jesus says: We have to be one with Him, His words should remain in us. Then we will see miracles.
Therefore remain in close relationship with the Lord, that He can talk with you. You then will know the will of the Lord and can pray with certainty accordingly. The Holy Spirit is giving you the power for that. His will should be done, not ours.
Many  just want a lot from Jesus, but not Himself. But He ignores that. He waits until our faith has matured sufficiently.

Thank You, Jesus! In You I am secure and have great tranquility. When You talk with me I can ask for something, have faith, and see miracles. You are a great Lord!


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