HE shall become greater – 06. January 2018

“He must become greater, I must become less.”
John 3.30

That´s what John the baptist says about Jesus.
HE shall become greater within me and you and all around us. Jesus should be apparent in everything.
I must become smaller. John had much practice in humility. He knew the old big Ego that always wants to be fed with big and important things. It is so sensitive and constantly cries: someone hurt my feelings! The big Ego that thinks of nothing but itself.
The hypersensitive Ego that doesn´t want to bow down, that always insists on its rights, that does not want to compromise, that constantly craves sympathy…This old Ego has to vanish completely. It has to die so that Jesus can come into our life.
John said he would be glad if the people turned from him to Jesus. “Yes”, he said, “I am merely the groom´s friend. And I am happy if HE is happy”.
There is so much envy in our churches. Bad rumours are spread when someone has more “success” than others. If someone is very blessed, we look out for his flaws and are quick to find them. Instead of listening to GOD we talk someone down that does…
Jesus shall become great in me. Jesus shall become great in what surrounds me.
I am happy when Jesus is honored by what I do and say. Therefore I will bend down to collect the waste off the ground so that HE has a clean floor. Therefore I will serve my brothers and sisters, I will boil them water and pour them tea instead of arrogantly flipping through my bible. Therefore I will shake hands with my “inferior” brothers and sisters. I will smile at them and wish them the very best with all my heart. The spirit of Jesus – humility, kindness and gentleness – will enable us to do so. I don´t want my old life back. I want to live for HIM who loves me dearly.

Yes, Jesus, I want to live for you alone. Every inch of my body and every one of my thoughts shall belong to You. Everything shall be permeated by You! For You love me so much, You take care of me, You protect me, You are always with me and fill my restless heart with Your heavenly peace. Thank You!!!


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