The little stars – 2017.12.23

The Lord took Abraham outside and said, “Look up at the sky. Count the stars if you can” Than he said to him, “That is how many children you will have.”
1. Moses, Genesis 15:5

Abraham eagerly wished for an offspring, a son that would come into his inheritance. God had promised children to him a long time ago. Now God spoke to Abraham once more and led him out into the night, into darkness.
“You will have as many descendants as there are stars in the sky!” – It was his promise. And Abraham believed in God and so the LORD gave him his due. Since then the children of faith have been children of Abraham, the children of that promise.
You can only see the stars at night for it is too light to see them at daytime.
How many a time did I stand outside in the freezing cold during winter and looked at the stars. What infinities the stars hold! And who am I compared to this? I saw the many stars, which often times don’t even have a name and thought: How Big Is God! He knows them all by name! And he also knows me. He leads the stars, and he also leads me.
Who would light candles or set up a Christmas tree in the summer? It is far too bright, there is too much sunlight! But in December, in the darkest of all months, candlelight appears warm, feels cozy, and we start to dream.
Perhaps we need dark times in life, so that we can see the many little stars of hope that God put in his word. They are especially written for moments in our life when it is dark.
And we want to be like Abraham and believe in God because God gave him his due for it; – Children of faith.
God has given us the stars; – small lights in the sky that lead the way. And he has given us the small verses of the Bible, God´s promises during dark times so that we can always find our way.
How good is our God! He keeps his promises!! We want to be children of faith and not like a candle that flickers in the wind until the flame dies out – the doubts and our constant questioning blows out every light of hope. He keeps his promises! – and we want to put our trust in him.

Thank you, Jesus! You’re the greatest light shining through our night. You are my hope! And you show me the path home to God. Yes, even in the darkest of nights I can see the small lights of hope that you placed everywhere. You’re a wonderful God!


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