My plans and God`s ways – 2017.12.20

Search me, God, and know my heart;
test me and know my anxious thoughts!
Psalms 139:23

My great little boy is now 13 years old. He likes to be an athlet, a sportsman , has great plans. I, however, as his father see some problems with regard to such a sports career. There are certain handicaps with him. Neverthless I support and encourage him even though I fear it is not enough to be a professional. May be he could be more successful in another discipline. I am sure, he will find that out by himself. I will help him but certainly not force anything.
We speak about God and His plans, and about ways to fullfill them.” Would you like to know in advance what God intends to do with you?” I asked him. No, he said, that would be bouring. Indeed, I said, we are not marionettes in God`s eyes. We have a free will. He knows us thoroughly down to the deepest depths and He certainly knows the right way for us. But He will not dictate it to us. He lures and  encourage us but never commands.
So we often have to deal with a complicated web of God`s intentions and our desires. We always must wrestle for directions to make the right decisions. There is no predestination that would make us puppets, just as there is no complete self-determination. God reaches His goal with us when we trust Him. People who run after wrong goals go astray. Only people who listen and obey God are safely guided by Him. He encourages, consoles and gives new power. Our life gets fullness, a true meaning that is valid for all eternity. As His children our life never is in vain.
When I started to write devotions 8 years ago I did not know at all the outcome of this project and everything is still open today. I celebrated a great victory when 40 people read my devotions. Today there are thousands of readers. Who would have thought that?
It`s God`s plans! He directs and rules and we obey and follow Him with passion. The result then will be outstanding!!

Thank You, Jesus, that You are Lord of all! What do I know about myself? Without You I am unable to fathom my debts to control my emotions. You can do it, will guide me correctly. I will listen to You and follow You as You are so good to me.


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