He will help! – 2017.12.10

In that day you will say: 
“I will praise You Lord.
Although You were angry with me,
your anger has turned away
and You have comforted me.
Surely God is my salvation;
I will trust and not be afraid.
The Lord, the Lord himself
is my strength and my defense,
He has become my salvation.
Isaiah 12:1f

What a wonderful promise! It applies to me and you !!!
Some days ago I had major health problems. I layed down and started to pray, put my malaise before the Lord, praised His greatness, thanked Him in my prayer language. After some minutes already I was certain: He heals everything! More than before I could praise Him.
And yet I did not feel better the next day. Also the prayers did not give me peace, security, and certainty. And still I said: My Lord had promised me to heal, I will to rely on that, yes, even thank Him as if the healing would be already there. Why should He promise it every day again?  I stopped to complain in my prayers.
Today I already felt better and I am sure, it will improve. I will stopp doubting, will believe instead that the moment will come when I can say: This is the day I can praise the Lord, for He has redeemed and freed me! I will trust that He will keep His word. I will remember that He so often had helped, saved, healed, and comforted me… . Why I shoud mistrust my Lord who is so merciful? I will concentrate myself on His kindness, remember all His rich donations He has given to me, will not give room to any doubts.
Maybe you seek the Lord Jesus since longtime,  or a way to God. Be sure you will find it! In that day you will shout in joy: I will praise You Lord, Your anger has turned away and You have comforted me. Now I can drink out of the well of salvation.
Be sure He had heard your prayer and will answer it. Go to Jesus always, He will explain you all, so that you will be encouraged as a true child of God to tell Him all what is oppressing you. Believe, trust, get to know Him and accept Him as your Lord who will not push you back!

Thank You, Jesus! Your thoughts and plans are good for me! Yes, You are my salvation, You will free me from the trouble as You are not angry forever, but ready to help promptly instead. You are pure Love, the God of all comfort!


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