Really important! – 2017.12.07

Rejoice that your names are listed in heaven.
Luke 10:20

Jesus had sent out the disciples to proclaim the gospel of the kingdom of God. When they came back they were full of joy: Even the evil spirits obey us when we pronounce your name! They were proud because of their work, they felt great and they knew that they served the true master.
Jesus said: Yes, I gave you power over the spirits, over the whole might of the evil; nothing will hurt you. But don’t rejoice about the wonders, rejoice because your names are written in heaven!
I have experienced many healings on myself and others, and yet I still have some suffering. I’ve seen the dead rise from the dead. I’ve heard God’s voice. Many people mean this is the highest thing of christians life. But all this are only signs from the father of love. But mostly I’m happy because God said yes to me! Everything else is somehow a consequence of that. He loves me and that’s why he works wonders! – but not as on the assembly line or to order. He is the lord and he decides.
Once the Lord said: Your name is written in the palm of my hands. And in another place: If father and mother may leave you; – I will never forget you! At the dentist He said: I will never leave you alone! Yes, God’s love is the reason I believe and trust! Nothing else. Of course I’m happy when god works wonders and healing happens, maybe even by myself or by me. God wants our best! He will do everything to answer our prayer. But only His love completely overwhelmed me. I can’t get away from him again. It is HE who loves me boundlessly, who has chosen me, who has redeemed me, who gives me hope and He’s my life.

Yes Jesus, you are my life, my hope, my future and my presence. I’m sheltered, comforted and at peace, even joy is spreading when I’m with you. Yes Lord, I will stay with you for the rest of my life!


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