Not worth nothing to anyone? – 2017.12.04

Fear not, you poor worm Jacob,
you wormlet Israel!
I myself will help you – saying of the LORD.
The Holy One of Israel will release you.
Isaiah 41:14

Thus speaks God to the people of Israel, His holy people. (Jakob is a nickname for Israel.) But we are allowed to insert our name where Israel or Jacob stands. For we are equated with the chosen people; – now there is only one flock…. said Jesus.
We sometimes (sometimes constantly) feel like a worm, a little worm. Not worth anything. Not necessary. Nobody likes me. Nobody appreciates my inner strengths. Nobody cares about me… self-pity? Not only! If a mother never tells her child how much she loves it, where does self-esteem come from? Where should the child learn to appreciate itself?
These unpleasant things leave their mark on us to the deepest depths of our soul. Even a small lack of love characterizes us. And from this comes the feeling that I am worthless. Even if you work like crazy and bacome a professor or someone at top of your career ladder, this feeling remains. Some of them fake strength and confidence. But they cannot be fool God, HE knows what they need: a strong yes from God!
And this is what HE says:”Do not be afraid of this feeling! You are something, because I made you! I wanted you, that’s why you’re here! Give me your life, trust me with it, I will make it good! Trust me that I truly and truly love you, always and forever; I will never forsake you or forget you, you can do what you want. You are my child I created for love.
These words of God can change our hearts. Just let them penetrate deep into you and work. He will deliver you from your torment and anguish. Because you are really worth a lot to Him!!!

Thank you, Jesus! It is you who makes me understand the love of the Father. You are grace, mercy, patience, afformation and acceptance! You only died for me because I’m worth so much to you! Forgive me for thinking so little of myself when I am your child. You love me.


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