Love – 2017.12.03

God`s love has been poured out in our hearts.
Romans 5:5

There is nothing more delightful than to talk or write about love. But I have problems to put love into words as love is indescribably wonderful. Words are not enough. They only touch a small part of the infinitely all-embracing love with which God loves us.
It is better simply to receive it. When we pray in sincere devotion the Holy Spirit will move. Boundless love will flow through us and deep peace, endless joy will be there as we never experienced before, a great certainty: I am accepted! How wonderful  and unspeakable is the love of God which is poured out in our hearts.
But some have locked the doors or have problems to overcome their doubts, scepticism, and criticism against Him. God`s love and wisdom is certainly stronger than our thinking and feeling.
Often bitterness and injuries are blocking the flow of love. But only love can transform us into affable persons. We all know unloved, rebellious, difficult children whose hearts are closed and hardly accessible. They cannot understand and believe that someone is purely loving them. They are bound by their ego. For them it is all about use and costs.
Yes, we ourselves are the barriers, the reason why we do not receive the love of God. But when we start to open us and allow Him to love us He certainly will change us. His love will then grow daily step by step. Relapses can happen, but we will get up again to continue receiving His love. Never give up! You will succeed!
Only the love of God can change us, make us capable to see our guilt and to forgive. We will realize that He never will blame nor rebuke us when we come to Him in sincerity. When we bow before Him, accept His forgiveness our guilt will no longer burden us.
Only the love of God, which has been set free at the cross, makes us able to forgive, will give us the peace which restores marriages and families. Because He is accepting me I can forgive. I even can pray for my enemies so that they are blessed.
Yes, amazing things will happen when we allow God to fill our heart with His love which completely changes us, makes out of us new, lovable, happy, and  serene people full of patience, mercy, and compassion. God`s love does that all!

Thank You, Jesus! You make me a child of God, You forgive my guilt, You help me to forgive. You are the love of God. Come and dwell in my heart! I need Your love!


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