Blind or seeing – 2017.12.02

Jesus stopped and said,”Call him!” They called the blind man and said to him, “Have courage, stand up, He calls you.”
Mark 10:49

Jesus was on His way to Jerusalem. There He should be sacrificed, a living sacrifice for our reconciliation. He himself wanted it that way. On his way He walked through the city Jericho. The people cheered Him. Many of him were healed by Him, many took His word by heart. Many have been reconciled with God through Him. But now they cheered because they want Him to become a king. HE should cast out the hated Romans and establish a righteous kingdom of God. But Jesus thought much, much further, – HE also thought of us. In the middle of the noise Jesus suddenly stopped. Somebody called him. He was no longer interested in rejoicing. Somebody needed help.
The Holy Spirit made him aware of it. And so he called the blind poor man even though there were so many great masters around Him.
And today it’s still the same: He hears the calls of the soul. Even in the darkest night His ear is open. He hears the call that comes from a lonely heart. And He says: Come to me! I want to comfort you. I want to love you. Come, don’t be afraid! I have true life for you, hope, confidence and comfort. Yes my child, I know you. And I have waited until you called to me. Now I will answer you and show you all my love. Come and unload your load on me. I will take care of you and I will take care of your wounds. I will give you future! Jesus made the blind man seeing again.
And He wants to open our eyes for Gods great love. Only blind ones can’t see his love.

Thank you Jesus! Yes, it is marvellous to see your love! In the clouds and the stars I see you!
And when you are close to me, I almost melt in your oversized love. How great is your love!!!


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