Constant fresh water – 2017.12.01

Isaac’s servants dug in the valley and discovered a well of fresh water there.
Genesis 26:19

How to grow plants without water? How can you be a livestock farmer if there is no water for the animals? How can we survive without water?
Fresh water, that is running water and not stale, old water.
Sometimes we’re in the valley, all the way down. Our feelings say: It’s over, no more chance. Sadness, courage and hopelessness appear. No more energy, no courage, no confidence…. we want only solitude.
But Jesus does not leave us alone. He promised, didn’t he? And so we start digging and searching in the bottom of the valley, at the lowest point of the valley. Where is He? What is His Word and Will? If any hope remains, it is Him, the living Lord! And indeed, after a lot of effort there is fresh, invigorating water, when we were close to dying of thirst. Yes, HE has not forgotten us, rather, He gives us a well of fresh water! HE speaks words of life! HE gives renewed hope and confidence! How fast and profoundly a person can change when he meets Jesus. Yes, Jesus does not only give refreshment, but new life!
We immediately notice the change in us when we begin to thank and praise. When I drive my car and praise him in German, Lithuanian or in the prayer language, my mood Is immediately lightened, I get really cheerful, even though I was bad-tempered and grumpy before. That’s how the “fresh water” affects us!
But why should these be short moments? It’s running water! It keeps flowing! That is why we can be in constant contact with Him and have this joy in us all the time. Once you clear the well, you can enjoy the water all the time!
Let us constantly praise Him, thank Him, worship Him and ask Him in every little thing, then joy and lightness and peace will become our way of life. The spring of fresh water, Jesus, is in me!

Thank you, Jesus! I don’t need to search anymore, for I found You. You are my source of fresh water of life! How good that You live in me and that I can always turn to You. How good it is, when Your power works in me and creates new life! Thank You!!


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