Build his home – 2017.11.30

From today on I will give blessings, (speaks the LORD).
Haggai 2.19

Wonderful! From today on no misfortune, no more losses, no more bad things.
It is the Lord and he says: From today on I will give blessings. Well then everything will be fine….
Back then a lot of misfortunes happened there in Israel. They sowed a lot and reaped little, the wallets had holes in it (somehow the money was always gone, you could save it as you wanted….).
Illness, weakness and Hunger came over the people. Dissatisfaction, although there was enough distraction. Everywhere lack, everywhere too little…..
God asked his people, what do you say, what’s the reason of this? Because my house is broken!
You always run for your own matters and you forget me and my home. Should I bless you for this? No! – Go into the mountains, fetch wood, cut stones and get to work! And then I’ll bless you again. And the Israelites heard and went to work for their God. Then came the answer of God: Be careful what happens today, today, from the laying of the foundation stone of the temple. Would the misfortunes go on? Would there still be lack and dissatisfaction? No, because from today on I will give blessings. If your life is ruled by lack, is simply insufficient and unsatisfactory, this could be the reason for it: the home of the Lord is broken. His temple, which is your heart and the church of Jesus. Clean your heart again
and consecrate it to the Lord Jesus! Let him be King and Lord of your heart! And consecrate yourself to the temple, the congregation. Contribute your gifts and make the church thrive! If you mean I don’t need the consecrate, the consecrate still needs you! This is how God hath done it, and He will have it. It may be hard for you to find a place in the church of Jesus. But God has a special plan for you there. Ask Him – He will do it! It may be that you are somehow an observer in the congregation, a critic and watchdog, or just for yourself, so that you get fed up than for the others; maybe you are always sitting behind so that you can observe everything. Please stand up! Leave your place and become active for the good of your siblings! For this you are responsible – this is, how God sees it. Take your place that God has for you and take responsibility of your siblings! – and God will bless you a lot!

Thank you Jesus! You are my Lord and the Lord of your church. You decide how it should be and I will hear! Yes, I consecrate my heart to you and I dedicate myself to the service of my brothers and sisters. For you are the one who loves and blesses me so! – I do it for you!


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