“Sun and Rain” – 2017.11.29

He causes His sun to rise on the evil and the good,
and sends rain on the righteous and the unrighteous.
Matthew 5:45

It does not seem to matter to the rain whether it falls on the righteous or the unjust as well as the sun shines on good and bad persons alike. But God is watching, He cares, we are not indifferent to Him. For us on the other hand it is important who our victim is, to whom we take revenge. We decide and plan what we like to achieve.
It would be quite easy for our Lord to let shine the sun only on the righteous. However He loves all people, the righteous and the unjust alike, the good and the bad. His blessings falls on to all: He sends the rain, gives life and health and so much more what the normal person does not perceive with thanks any longer.
But God wishes to give much more than these everyday blessings. He has so many tremendous riches ready for those who want. But it seems to be like at our former Christmas feast: Santa Clause came to our house and put presents for us under the Christmas tree. Meanwhile, we waited in the kitchen. As soon as his work was done, the gifts distributed, he knocked on the window and we were allowed to receive our presents in the living room.
Imagine, there are people who feel so comfortable in the kitchen so that they do not want more. Indeed for so many people big presents are there but they do not pick them up. How sad! Can you imagine this?
Yes in fact, the forgiveness is offered, the redemption is accomplished, the power of the Spirit to live with God is there but we ignore it, live as these grace gifts are unattainable and our problems are invincible. Unbelievable!
God had said yes to you before you were born. The forgiveness of your debt happened 2000 years ago on the cross. The liberation of all you bonds is completed. The entry into the Kingdom of God is paid. And yet we have so much difficulties to receive that. Do not wait any longer, just take it and receive what God had prepared for you!

Thank You, Jesus, You have considered all! You know my problems and the answers for them. Give me more courage, more faith, more thankfulness! Then I can receive and receive and all my problems I will throw on to You. How great You are and how deeply You love me!


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