A Lost Child of God – 2017.11.28

“My son,” the father said, “you are always with me, and everything I have is yours.”
Luke 15:31

The prodigal son had come home and there was a great feast. He had spent all the money, but now the father rejoiced that he had come back alive. The second son found that unfair. For so many years he had served his father without muttering, never asking anything to celebrate with his friends, only work and work and work! And now this one comes back and already there’s the biggest party, – no, that cannot be true!!
The second son was probably more lost than the first son. He didn’t know anything about mercy and love. All he knew was work and self-sacrifice. Celebration, that was a foreign word to him….. In this way he could not understand the father’s love for the first son, the one who had squandered everything. He also could not understand the mercy and forgiveness shown by the father. He was self-righteous, grumpy, bitter, angry, and thought that salvation and the love of the father must be earned.
In reality, this son was much more lost than the first son! For the first son was able to accept love, forgiveness and mercy, but the second son was d not. He preferred to torment himself with his own view of justice and forgiveness. He became bitter and angry against his father.
Unfortunately, this is what happens to many Christians who believe themselves to be in kind of ministry for God. Everything that belongs to God belongs to them, but they don’t take it. They believe they have to earn everything. They don’t really need forgiveness, and if they do, they have to work for it. What a horrible understanding of the loving Father in heaven!!
If you are like poor second son, a workhorse, one on which everything depends, on which success depends, without which nothing really runs, then sit down and stop. And now comes the Good News for you: Repent of self-righteousness! And judging others and God. And pride.
If you truly repent, heaven will finally open up above you and pour out His wealth upon you. Everything is mercy, nothing is merit! My child, take advantage of grace, then all Heavenly goods belong to you: joy and peace, forgiveness and mercy! What does your heart want more than that?!

Thank you, Jesus! You also died to set me free. How much am I worth to you! Forgive me for thinking only of work and stuff. Forgive me for never being able to accept your love properly! But now I want to do it! You love me so much, too!!


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