The test for sin – 2017.11.15

Jesus called on the cross:
“It is finished!”
John 19:30

How is it possible for normal, loving family fathers to turn into wardens in concentration camps, into murdering, torturing beasts? How is it possible for someone to enjoy beheading another? How is it possible that normal men find pleasure in using violence against women and in finding pleasure in their fear? How can we explain the unleashed inhumanity in Syria, Libya and all over the world? How can a nice neighbor become a beast? What kind of people are they? What is it in a person that can make him so brutal? And is that even in me??
I wanted to know. I always thought myself to be a good, upstanding kind of guy, despite a few small mistakes. So I picked a quiet corner, turned off the phone, and prayed seriously:”Lord, show me my sin. And already HE showed me a little something, as a test, so to speak, whether I was serious. I wrote it down. As soon as I was finished, He reminded me of the next thing and I wrote it down. It was faster and faster, I saw my sins one after the other, so fast I was only able to write down keywords. After some time, tears came to me about my wickedness and my abysmally malicious heart. All I could do was shout,”Jesus, deliver me! My debt is too great, I can’t pay it and I can’t make up for it! Forgive, LORD! Then Jesus bowed down to me and said,”Boy, I hung on the cross for you. It is forgiven, it is done! And His peace permeated me. Now came the tears of joy, incomprehensible joy! Since then I know what salvation is and why Jesus had to die on the cross. When HE cried out,”It is done, HE also thought of me…
I don’t need a repair of my heart, I need a complete overhaul of my heart. Jesus does it, he promised. And as long as I cling to Him, HE is the King of peace in my new heart.
This test comes highly recommended for all to try. If you have never realized what an abysmal sinner you are and why you need the redemption of Jesus, then let yourself be convinced by the Spirit of God. After that, you’ll be a new person.

Thank you, Jesus! It cost You Your life to save me. But it was necessary! Now I am free of my burden. Now You can live and rule in my heart. Jesus, You alone shall be my Lord!!


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