Jesus is Winner – 2017.11.14

Jesus says:
All authority in heaven and on earth has been given to me.
Matthew 28:18

There are three major problem areas in which Jesus is clearly the victor. That is why the gospel of Jesus Christ has conquered half the world within a very short time.
Firstly, there is the victory over sin. Our debt is gone, the debt toward our tormentors forgiven and can no longer plague us because we forgive, and the indeterminate reproaches of fate, which has no good intentions for us, the stupid coincidences which ruin our lives, have come to rest within us; – in reality, we end up accusing God, who could have prevented everything.
Through Jesus we are reconciled with ourselves, with other people and with God.
Then there is death as the end of life. Jesus overcame it and paved a way for us through death into eternal life (if we hold on to Him). There was no hope for the deceased back then. Through Jesus, death has become the gate to heaven. What redemption!
And thirdly, the devil, the evil, the dark powers. Jesus is victorious over all darkness and evil. If we accept His protection, the evil one can no longer harm us. In many nations, ancestor worship, ghost faith and superstition prevail. Jesus has thus become a safe haven for those who are afraid of evil and driven by dark forces.
Today, people don’t like to talk about sin, death and the devil. You either keep it quiet or talk it down as if it’s not a problem. Many people live as if there is never an end, death is always far away, even at the age of 80. Sin? There are only a few very small ones… And the devil exists only in fairy tales.
If that were true, Jesus wouldn’t have had to die. It’s all real! (See the news, how much hate, violence, death and ruin; – with one word: sin, death and devil are working pretty hard today!) When we have a living relationship with the living Lord, we notice it. There is sin, death determines life, and the devil has influence everywhere. Terrible!
But He is the victor of hell, death and devil! How good for us if we are attached to Him, trust Him and are safe in Him!

Thank you Jesus, You are here! You are the winner over all our great problems; – and You are the winner over all other problems, big and small. How good that I belong to You and that You take care of me!


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